Credit Repair business: 10,000 Month and More.

– Alright so you’re
probably watching this video because you wanna know how I generated $10,000 a month running a
six-figure credit repair business. Is that correct? Well, if that is why
you’re watching this video then you definitely wanna
keep watching this video because I’m gonna talk to you how I did it and why I did it. Well the reason why I did it because I got tired of being broke. I got tired of working
paycheck to paycheck. I got tired of someone
else controlling my time. I got tired of never having holidays off. I got tired of just the rat race and not having freedom and
spending time with my family. But now I have all of that. I have time, I have freedom, I set my own hours, I set my own pace and not only that, I work for the comfort, from the comfort of my home. What I call it is the internet
credit repair business. So when you run a six-figure
credit repair business from the comfort of your home or from your kitchen, what we call you is an internet company. Let me tell you something, there’s over 100 million customers in the United States with bad credit and they need your help. So the question is, do
you like credit repair? Have you fixed your own credit? Do you think you can make a good living helping someone else repair their credit? And the answer is yes. You just need the step by step strategies, the right coach, the right mentor, or the right program to help you get from where you are right now
to where you want to be. Now, is the credit repair business a lucrative business and it’s fun, yes. It’s absolutely lucrative. Let me explain to you what I mean. All you need is 100 customers, that’s paying you $99 a month to reach $10,000 a month. Now this is $10,000 going
into your bank account every single month if you can maintain 100 customers a month. Now we’re not even talking about the credit analysis fee that you charge before you start rendering the disputes, the monthly services that you
perform for your customer. Now just think about
it, it’s like a doctor. If you go into the hospital and you see the doctor,
they gonna charge you $175 just to sit down with you. Just to see what your symptoms are and to see the problem. The same thing with the
credit repair industry. If someone wants you to
review their credit report that is a consultation, that is an audit, that is a review and you can
actually charge for that, whatever price that’s
reasonable for your business. So that is another stream of income. Now not only can you make
money in the credit audit and the $99 a month for
rendering the services, you can also sell the
customer other things. Like credit monitoring,
rebuild your credit products, everything when you become an affiliate to make more money in this lucrative billion dollar credit repair business. Now you may say hey Mark,
that’s great and all but I’m just a regular Joe Blow. I didn’t graduate from college, I just graduated from high
school, I can’t do it. Well no that’s wrong because
you actually can do it. See, here’s the good thing about it. Lawyers spend four or five years and they get in debt
$80,000 to become a lawyer. Doctors spend eight years
and they became in debt over $100,000 in debt to become a doctor. Now just think about it. When you start and you get
the right education right? When you get the right
education, if you stay on this video to the end
I’m going to give you a free gift just for
watching all the way through but if you jump off you won’t know what I’m about to give you. I know if you jump off
than you’re not qualified to run a six-figure
credit repair business. So it’s best that you go
ahead and cut off the video right now and don’t even continue watching because you will be wasting your time but I’m only looking
for the qualified people that want to get out of the nine to five and want to stop you know,
living paycheck to paycheck and being broke all the time. So what I’m saying to you is
that you don’t have to spend four years getting a college
degree and come out of college and being broke. All you have to do is learn
the step by step system of how to restore someone’s credit, that’s all you have to
do and it doesn’t require a college degree to do that. So can you make good money
running a credit repair business? Absolutely, well what is required Mark? I know you gonna get to that. What is required for me
to start a six-figure credit repair business and reach the $10,000 a month goal? Well the only thing that’s
required is four things. One, you have to learn credit repair. You have to get good at repairing someone else’s credit because
you are working on their file. So you have to get good at that right? You cannot skimp in that. Now if you want a good course
or if you want a good book, on credit repair I have a class that’s called The Credit
Repair Mastery Class. You can get that class at, I’m also the best-selling author of the number one credit repair book in the country, Hidden
Credit Repair Secrets. You can get a copy of
that book at So you gotta learn credit
repair first right? The second thing you need
to learn is the business of credit repair. It’s just like any other business, you have to learn how to run a business. Well Mark I’m not a business guy. Well I understand that
but if you wanna play in a game, in the billion dollar industry you have to learn how to
run a credit repair business so what that means, you
gotta know what the law says you can and cannot do running
a credit repair business but that’s okay. Because I have a resource for you if you just stay and watch
this video till the end. Number three, you have to learn how to generate leads, close
customers over the phone. That is the bloodline of your business. I don’t care what kind
of product that you have. If you don’t know how to generate leads or you can’t hire someone
to generate leads for you and then close the leads over the phone, your business won’t grow. But Mark, I’m not that type of person. I’m not a salesperson. That is okay. Because in the resource
that I’m gonna give you, I’m gonna show you how to generate leads. I’m gonna show you how to
get your first customer step by step and the
fourth thing that you need is you need some sort
of CRM and a software. Now we have a software which is called The Client Dispute Manager. Now this is a credit repair, this is a credit repair
business cloud software right? It’s in the cloud, you don’t download it and it has everything you need to start and run a successful six-figure credit repair business. I call it the business in the box and it’s very affordable,
it’s very affordable. So you need those four things to start and run a six-figure
credit repair business right? Now I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Mark Clayborne and I’m the founder of I’m also the creator of
The Client Dispute Manager the software that I was telling you about and I’m also the creator
of Roadmap to Six Figures, the first ever credit
repair marketing event. In that event we teach you everything about marketing your
credit repair business. Now I want you to think
like I said before, only qualified people should continue to watch this video. If you still wanna work your nine to five, if you still wanna be broke,
if you still want to live paycheck to paycheck, then do not, I repeat do not click the link below. I do not wanna give you my free book on how to start a six-figure
credit repair business if you are not ready to
leave the nine to five. If you are not ready to make a change. Alright, now here’s my gift to you. For everyone who continued
and who finished this video, I wanna give you for free,
my book is about 170 pages on how to start and run a six-figure credit repair business. All you have to do right
now is click the link right below this video. Now I can’t tell you how long
I’m gonna give this book away so if you leave this video
and you don’t click the link and you come back, the
book may not be there. So I’m just telling you
that right now okay. So if you are ready to take action, click the link right below this video and grab my book How To Start A Six-Figure
Credit Repair Business. Alright, take care.

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