Creating Monteverdi’s Orfeo with The Toronto Consort

Creating Monteverdi’s Orfeo with The Toronto Consort

This expresses the universality of the
power of music to seduce and convince and persuade
anybody of anything. The Toronto Consort is a group that
specializes in Medieval and Renaissance and early Baroque music… Here in Toronto we’re one of the only
games in town as it were to hear this kind of music. People who go generally to modern opera
houses they might see baroque opera once in a while but they also might not see
it performed on historical instruments. The main difference between this harp
and a modern harp is that this harp has three rows of strings a modern harp has one single row. This would be a minor chord a d-minor. If I want to play the f-sharp I have to stick my finger actually inside When you look at it you see it looks quite different
from he one you might have played in grade-school if you look at the finger holes you’ll see that they’re quite a bit larger than you
might be used to. And on the bottom two, there are no double holes so I can still
play chromatic, like half steps, but I just cover half the hole. He has that stroke of genius
that the great masters all seem to have where they transcend
what is expected. That’s what’s fascinating with Monteverdi is that he
combines several Renaissance forms and and compiles them into a new work, opera, or favela and musica which was a story in music, a play in music. In a modern opera you just play what the composer
has written for you on the page In Monteverdi, I mean he’s not really orchestrating the music he’s giving us a
score the way a Renaissance composer would and giving the players a lot of freedom. It tells us what chord to play we have to decide where to play it, how to play it. He actually writes embellished versions of some arias and unembellished versions. It kind of gives you freedom to experiment and be yourself. [hums melody] [Artistic Director David Fallis leads rehearsal with the musicians] [Soprano Michele DeBoer sings a scene from Orfeo] The sound of the Italian language set to the music
the way Monteverdi did was was it’s it goes straight to the heart for me,
it’s just fantastic. This is gonna be the our grand finale for our 45th
anniversary year so we wanted to choose something that
was a really very special piece. The subject of the opera is how powerful music, itself can be. Orpheus who is this famous singer songwriter… So he’s been long in love with this girl named
Eurydice and then on the day of their wedding she gets bitten by a poisonous
snake and he resolves to go and get her from the underworld. The wife of Pluto is trying to
convince her husband to allow Orfeo to take your Eurydice back to the netherworld. This is the great thing about Orfeo
that it has such a range of musical styles there are choruses, there are
dances, there are laments, there are moments of great anguish, there are
moments of great calm and peacefulness and it’s all represented in the music.
It’s fantastic.

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