Creating Instagram Stories For Business

Creating Instagram Stories For Business

– More and more people and by people I mean consumers, customers,
your future clients are spending their time
on Instagram stories. This video is all about
creating Instagram stories for business. I’m gonna show you how to set them up so that people watch
them and how to make sure the most people see them possible. All right, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Hello busy people. Welcome to Five Minute Social Media where we help businesses
grow their revenue using social media and do it
in the simplest way possible so that it doesn’t take up all your time. That sounds like something you could use, take a second, hit
subscribe, click that bell. (bell ringing) That way you’ll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter yes,
it rhymes with a boy wizard. And today we are all about
creating Instagram stories for business. Now if you’re not very familiar
with Instagram stories, I’ve linked to a very popular tutorial about how to use them in the first place in the description of this video. When it comes to creating
instant stories for business there are three important points that I want to cover today. The first is making sure
your stories are designed to get engagement, because
that’s what’s gonna help them get seen by more people. The second important thing
today is gonna be about how to turn your viewers into
paying customers and clients. And the last thing I want to share is how to get more people to
watch your Instagram stories, even if they’re not already following you. So make sure to watch till
the end for those tips. So starting with engagement, why is engagement so
important to your stories? Well, first of all,
watching your story counts as engagement, especially if they watch all the way to the end
without skipping parts. But engagement is what tells Instagram that it’s a good story. When you log into your Instagram app and you see those circles
of stories at the top, the ones you’re gonna see
you’re gonna be different than everybody else and
the ones you’re gonna see are gonna be based on a few factors one, which is probably the most obvious, it’s gonna be the people that
you engage with the most. So that’s one reason why engaging with your brand is important, but to the ones that
get lots of engagement and seem to be more popular are also gonna get moved up the line. So the first thing to do to get
engagement is pretty simple, give people a reason to engage. Go into the Instagram
stickers and you’ve got polls, you’ve got questions, you’ve
got all these different things that you can use. You can ask questions, you
can ask people to DM you that spur action from people. And every time any one of your
stories gets any engagement or interaction at all, that’s
gonna help your stories get seen by more people. So just keep that in mind as you’re going. Second thing is a little bit more complex, but simple enough if you spend
some time figuring it out in the first place, and
that’s that these are stories. It’s fine if you’re just like,
Hey guys, I’m at work today, I’m holding no phone and
my phone’s right here. Hey guys, I’m at work today
I’m filming some videos, that’s fine if that’s what you want to do. No problem at all. If you’re busy, I get it. But if you really want
to take your stories to the next level, tell a story. Have a distinctive
beginning, middle and end. The beginning should have a hook for them. Ask them a question, something
that makes them go, hah! You know what some of the
most popular stories are and some of the most
popular blogs on YouTube are is people opening a package. I’m standing in front of my desk here. Here is this letter I recently got and it’s actually a
letter I wrote to myself at a conference recently,
and then they mail it to me, I have no idea what’s in this envelope. When I open this, I’m gonna
do it on Instagram stories. And here’s the beginning, middle and end. The beginning will be me going, I got this letter that I wrote
to myself at a conference a few months ago, and
they just sent it to me, and I’m scared of what’s inside, because I remember being
scared to write it, but I don’t remember what I said. Then the second part will be opening it up and reading the letter
and the third part will be whatever my natural
reaction is to conclusion, like, was it scary? Did I write something really vulnerable? What was it? So think about things that you
can share that have a hook, your beginning, a middle
part, and then a resolution that answers whatever
you teased in that hook that will keep people watching longer and if you do it regularly,
it’ll become second nature. Second important thing when
creating Instagram stories for business is making
sure that it’s set up to actually turn your viewers
into customers or clients. So how do you do that? Well, I’ll tell you the
answer is not to post a story every day going, Hey, buy this, hire me that will get people to
stop watching your stories and probably unfollow you super quick. So that’s not what you want to do. It’s hard to have a one
size fits all way to do this for businesses, but what
I would start with is, how does your business make money either on or off social media? And then reverse engineer
that so that you can get there using your Instagram stories. So for example, in my
group coaching membership, Five Minutes Social Media
Pro, a lot of people become members after we exchange emails or talking a Facebook group
or something like that. Usually, it’s at least
a quick conversation. So in my business, I would
do lots of Instagram stories where I encourage people
to send me a direct message and they can be sending me a
direct message about my dog, and then we just kind
of have a conversation and if it makes sense, I
might start talking to him about social media marketing
and then eventually they might become a member of Five
Minutes Social Media Pro. This does not mean to
DM spam your followers, this is just to start conversations. So that’s the way it
works for my business. Let’s say you sell a physical product, you could have an Instagram
story asking people to vote between two products. Which shirt do you like
better the red shirt or the blue shirt? Then you can go through and you can actually DM everybody who voted. You could ask them, why
did you like the red shirt or the blue shirt? And if they seemed genuinely interested, you could send them the link to buy it or more likely to convert a sale, you could send them a link
and a coupon code to say, “Hey, if you want today only it’s 20% off or here’s a coupon code just
for you, Sarah 20% off.” Just use the coupon code Sarah. So that’s another way with your products, you could convert your
viewers into actual purchases. Now this is really
important, find the balance. You can’t just be asking your
audience to buy in the DMS all the time, or they will run
away and stop following you and maybe even block you or
even report you to Instagram for spamming if you’re too aggressive. But you just want to have some idea in your overall Instagram
Stories strategy of how eventually some of those
people, not all of them, but some of them will
become customers or clients. And the last thing that’s
really important, obviously, when you’re creating
Instagram stories for business is to try and get your stories seen by as many people as possible. So we talked about having them engage that gets them in front of more people, but how do you get people
who aren’t even following you to see your stories? Well, three quick tricks. First one, simply ask
people to share your story. Now, you can’t do this every
time or it seems spammy. But occasionally you can say,
hey, if this was helpful, and you know somebody else
that would benefit from it, by all means, hit that
little paper airplane and share the story, send
it to them in their DMS, the more the merrier, I
just want to help people. Something along those lines. Second thing to do is use
a hashtag in your stories. Now, these are a little tricky to track but what you can do is
if you use a hashtag that you think people
are browsing for stories, go through and put it
on one of your stories and then if you have a three part story, and the first one has 30
views, the second one has 49 and the third one has 30 or
29, you got middle one had the hashtag, then you know
that people actually saw it because of that hashtag. So it’s a good way to see
if you can find a hashtag that you can use. There is a limit on hashtags in stories and the number is 10. You can’t use any more
than 10 I usually don’t use more than one. And finally, people browse stories for popular locations all the time. So tag your city if nothing else, you’re at a tourist spot tag that. Those are all ways to get new people to get eyes on your stories. Alright, if that and social
media in general feels like a lot, it can be. If you want to cut your
social media workload in half I’ve linked up to our very
popular free guide six ways to cut your social media workload in half, you should see it on
the screen right here. The link is also in the
description of this video. If this video was helpful, take
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