Creating a Facebook Business Page in minutes

Creating a Facebook Business Page in minutes

Hi, I’m Mark from Lemonjet Studios. So you
want to set up a Facebook business page? Great, we’re going to walk you through it. And at
the end of this video I’m going to show you 2 great new features Facebook is rolling out
in 2015 – so stay tuned. OK let’s get started. So to create a business
page, first you need a personal profile account on Facebook because that gives you the administrator
access you need to create your new business page.
So login to Facebook with your personal login details. Click here on the down arrow and
choose Create Page. Facebook offers you 6 different types of business
page. Now if you’re not sure which one will work best for you, you can click on them to
see more the category details. So the first option is perfect if your local
business and you have premises where people visit to do business with you.
If you’re an organisation or a company that runs a business from home, perhaps you have
an online store, then this is the option that you want.
If you’re selling a specific product or brand in a category like furniture or clothing,
then you can opt for this category. You can see the different sub categories listed here.
This category.. Artist, Band or Public Figure is for individuals like those listed here.
Some examples are Coach, Dancer, Journalist. The Entertainment category will fit you best
if you’re focused on leisure and recreation. And finally, the last category is for charities
and non-profit organisations. So hopefully that gives you some idea so you
can make the right choice. But if you need to change your category later, you can do
that. OK, now let’s go through the steps involved
in setting up a business page. For this example, I’m going to set up a Local Business and its
going to be a Dental Practice. No unfortunately dentist isn’t included in
the list so I’m going to choose this option instead as I guess it’s to do with dental
health. No just give me a moment, because now I�’m just going to enter in the Practice
name and address details. Now you will want to take a few minutes to
read over Facebook’s Page Terms. Once you’re happy to go ahead, you can click Get Started.
OK now let’s take a look at what we’re being asked for on this screen. When you’re working
through this wizard process, try and fill in as much detail as you can. If you’re not
sure about anything, you can skip some of the details for now and fill them in later.
But don’t forget to fill in as much as you can, because that’s going to help your business
page rank better in the search engines like Google and Bing.
So the first part is the About section. Think about what you want to say that will get the
attention of your Facebook visitor. Help them understand what your business is about and
try to include some good keywords that will help your page appear in the Google when people
are searching for those keyword terms. Then in here, you can put the link to your
website. Now if you don’t have a website, that’s OK. Why not put in another social media
site connected to your business like Twitter or your YouTube channel, Google+ page or even
your Yelp page. Now this box allows you to create a Facebook
page with a custom web address that’s a good fit for your business. Rather than have Facebook�s
long address with lots of letters and numbers, you can create something more meaningful and
something that’s easier to remember. For example, if you look at our Facebook URL, we changed
it so it looks like Now be careful when deciding what is best
for you. Because you only have once change to get it right. So you can skip this at the
moment if you’re not sure and you want time to think about it. But if you know the address
you want, put it in here, and when you click the Save Info button, Facebook will tell you
if it’s available or not. If you don’t want to choose it right now,
Skip it and you can change it later. Now the questions that appear here will be
different depending on the page category you have chosen, but just answer the questions
truthfully and now we can move on. For your profile picture thumbnail, choose
something that represents your business, like your logo. You’ll need a square image that’s
180 pixels by 180 pixels. If you don’t have anything, you can skip this for now. I’m going
to skip it so I can show you how to add this later.
Now Facebook is asking about the target audience. Notice anyone can find your page, but Facebook
is interested in who is of most interest to you. So they can make your page more prominent
to the people that matter. So for example, if you know that you’re targeting people in
the UK or perhaps you want to narrow it down even further to a county or a post code, you
can specify your location details here. I’m going to specify the United Kingdom for this
dental practice. In the Age category I’m going to change the
minimum age to 13. The Gender setting is fine as it is and I
don’t have any specific interests to specify, so I’ll leave that blank.
OK, we have a page and Facebook is now giving us a guided tour.
These options shown across the top are your Administrator options, your Admin panel. Next,
we’re being prompted by Facebook to Like our own page. That seems sensible so let’s do
that. Now at the moment, you know we’re logged in
as an administrator of this new business page. That means we are able to see these option
here to the right, and these options across the top. A normal visitor to the page will
not see this information. So here we can see here new page likes for
the week, new notifications such as shares and comments. And if you choose to have messaging
turned on, you’ll see notifications of people who have sent you private messages right here.
Now at the moment this page is on public view and I’m not quite finished setting it up.
So for now I’m going to unpublish the page. That way I can keep the page under wraps until
I’m finished and I’m happy for the world to see it.
So to do that, I click on Settings, General and next to Page Visibility, I”ll click Edit.
Click Unpublish page, and then Save Changes. No we’re not going to look at every single
option here. But let’s take a look at a few of the more important ones.
The Messages option allows people to send you private messages. We’ll keep this turned
on so people can contact us if they want to ask us a question or make a general business
enquiry. But if you want, you can switch it off by unchecking this box and then clicking
Save Changes. The next option – Country restrictions. Now
if you want to make sure that your page is only visible to people in the UK or perhaps
the US or Canada for example, you can specify this here.
If you do it’s going to exclude your page being seen and attracting fans in all other
countries. For example India, China and so on. Now this can be helpful because if you
have no need to offer your business services to these other countries, then excluding them
means Fans of your page, you know are correctly targeted for your business. And it means you’re
not diluting the effectiveness of your posts by promoting to fans who will never buy anything
from you. Because when you post on Facebook, what you need to remember is that you’ll only
reach approximately 5% of your fan base unless, of course, you pay for a promoted post or
some other form of paid advertising. Now because I’m a local dentist, in this example
I’m going to set my Country Restrictions to the UK only. So you can think what will work
best for your business. The next option is Age restrictions. A small
point here. Facebook pages are visible to non-Facebook users. But if you have an age
restriction set here, Facebook will hide the page unless the user is logged into Facebook
and meets the minimum age requirement. So you could be limiting your exposure on Google
and the other search engines, I don’t want that.
Using Page Moderation can be useful to stop people posting to your business page with
spam links. It can be quite annoying if someone else is promoting their business on your fan
page. To stop that you can add in here www. http:// https:// and that will prevent posts
with web links. Now as I mentioned, we’re not going look at
every option. But let me show you that Facebook gives you help on all the options. Just click
on the little question mark and you see useful help text pop up on the screen.
And I just to point out the option right at the bottom here. This is the option you would
use if you ever wanted to delete your Facebook page.
OK that’s us had a look through the General Options.
Let’s move onto Notifications. Here you can see all the different types of Facebook notifications.
For example you’ll get a notification when someone likes your page. You’ll get a notification
when you receive a private message. So if you want to turn on or off any of these notifications,
this is where you would do it. The next option is Page Roles and this is
quite an important one. It’s always a good idea to have another Admin
user associated with your page. Just in case something happens to your own profile, it
means you will always have another administrator who can access and manage the business page.
If you’re not already friends on Facebook with the person you’re going to have as your
other administrator, you need to enter the email address they have associated with their
Facebook account. Now assign them a Role. You can see the privileges
given to each role shown here when you select the role name.
Now when you choose save, you’ll need to enter your Facebook password.
If you set up an Admin person, and you’re not friends with them on Facebook, the other
user will need to accept the role on their side through their Facebook notifications.
OK, So the next section is Apps. Facebook and their developers offer lots of
apps that you can add to your page. As an example, perhaps you have promotional
video on YouTube and you want to show your YouTube videos right inside of Facebook. We
have a video to show you how to do that by adding a YouTube app to your Facebook page.
So you might want to check that out. But for now I’m going to add the Events app.
That means I can use app later when I’m running a promotion.
Now I’m going to click on the Page tab and return to the main page. Now let’s talk about
adding the profile picture and cover image. If you haven’t created these, check out our
other video and we’ll show you how to do that using free graphic software. Now you might
prefer to have a professional create these for you. And we’ll tell you where you can
find someone to do this for only a few dollars. Ok, first, let’s add the profile picture.
This is the smaller square image that appears next to all your posts you make in Facebook.
And for that you’ll need an image that’s 180 pixels by 180 pixels.
So you can click on Add Photo. Or you can click on one of these options. I’m going to
choose, Add Photo, Upload Photo. And now I’ll select the file from my computer.
Ok looking good. Now for the cover image. You need a graphic
that is 851 pixels by 315 pixels. I have a cover image ready, so I’m going to click on
Add a Cover. When you load up your cover, if it looks a
bit blurry or stretched out, double check your image size to make sure it’s exactly
851 by 315. If it’s not, that’s when you can notice some quality problems.
I’ve uploaded a photo that’s larger than 851 by 315 so I could show you this. If you’re
using a photo that is bit bigger, you’ll see I can drag the photo into position where I
want it. And now Save changes. Now my page is almost completely set up, but
there are some extra details I can enter about my business in the About tab. Let’s take a
look at these. Because this page is for a local business,
this Overview section summaries the points people will want to know for quick reference.
If we go to Page Info, this is where we can fill in all the details.
When you were setting up the page, if you accidentally choose the wrong category to
start, this where you can change it. And you may remember, earlier we talked about
the Facebook Web Address. Once you’ve had a chance to think about the best name, this
is where you can enter it. And remember you can only do this once.
I’m going to do this now, and call our Facebook page, Kimborne Dental.
And that looks OK. So what you want to do is go through each
of these options and fill in as much detail as you can. And remember use good keywords
in your long description and that will help your Facebook page rank better in the search
results. If you’re happy for people to find your email
address on Facebook, you can enter it here. So that was the About tab. And we have a few
more tabs here. Photos, Reviews and if I click more, you can see Likes, Events – now you’ll
remember we added Events as an App earlier – and Videos.
You can add more tabs and change the order they appear. Except for the Timeline and the
About tab. They can’t be moved. But let’s say you wanted a custom Tab that
would allow you to capture email addresses as business leads. You can set up a custom
landing page that will allow you to do that. If that’s something you’re interested in,
check out our other video on how to set up a custom landing page.
But let me show you quickly how you can change the order the tabs as they appear on the screen.
Click on Manage tabs. Then just drag the tabs into the order you want to see them. So let’s
say I want Videos nearer the top. I just drag it, and now click on Save.
OK, now your page is all set up, you’re ready to start posting. One last thing. This option
will allow you to quickly switch between your personal profile and your business profile,
when posting or commenting. So when you’re making a post, you can do so as your personal
persona, or your business persona and this makes it easy to switch between the two.
To finish off, I promised to tell you about two great new features Facebook is rolling
out in 2015. The first is the Call to Action button for
Pages. If it’s not available on your page just yet, it will be soon. So what is it?
Well the Call to Action button allows you to take people straight from Facebook to your
website or app. It can help you sell products, have them book an appointment, contact you,
sign-up for your newsletter, watch a video. It’s a great way to generate leads for your
business. If you want to learn more, catch our free
video tutorial on YouTube. And the second new feature I want to tell
you about, is a revamp of the Videos page. As an example, take a look at ABC news Facebook
fan page. Now we have a feature video and playlists.
The Feature video is also shown on the timeline. So if you have a video that showcases your
business this is the ideal way to promote it. Last year in the US alone, Facebook saw
a 94% increase in video uploads. Currently, video posts get the most reach
and biggest exposure on Facebook. So if you’re not adding video to your posting mix, you’re
missing out. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
And if you want a great list of where to get your Facebook cover photos created for you
for only a few bucks – head on over to We’ve put together a great list of resources
for you, so don’t miss it. Have a great day.

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