Creating a Business That Works Around You | 418 Creative Marketing Growth Story

Creating a Business That Works Around You | 418 Creative Marketing Growth Story

ActionCOACH has allowed me to have a better
understanding of business and where 418 is going my name’s Russ Keytes I’m one of the
directors at 418 we are a creative marketing agency we
started in 2001 both myself and business partner Doug Norman we were kind of
plodding on and we were doing well we’ve done ok it was just there was just no
growth which is why we wanted to get ActionCOACH involved we actually met
Kevin through a networking dinner through our accountants both Doug
and myself where we kind of we’re already in the zone of we’re having the
conversation behind the scenes really of kind of well yeah maybe we need to get
ActionCOACH involved we knew the value of coaching so easy when you’re a
business owner to kind of not concentrate on what you should be doing
and just get completely wrapped up in the business and it’s not all about that
it’s about kind of controlling the finances planning yet organising in your
marketing and actually growing it rather than just doing the work it’s really how much you apply yourself
as to how quick you see the results and yeah I think kind of we started kind
of seen the benefit really quite quickly certainly from my part it was really
getting a march on kind of yeah being in control of the finances a lot more since
starting with ActionCOACH which has probably been over the last kind of
two years now the teams doubled it was just me and Doug we’ve
now got two employees originally it was just two of us
just both Doug and myself in the office and yeah here we are now with Joe and
Emily with us as well that frees both Doug of myself as the
directors if like they kind of concentrate more on on getting more
business in and developing the company making more plans so that we can be
working on the company rather than in it again do it and doing the day-to-day
work a lot of coaching isn’t just really about a business it’s about you as well
on a personal level I’m able to do kind of more well go on a few more
holidays each year and just spend a bit more quality time with family and
all those sort of things those sort of things that matter without ActionCOACH Kevin in particular is kind of help we would have just stagnated
carried on just plodding on doing what we were doing day in day out thinking
that we had a business when really we didnt have a business we’ve just working for
ourselves now we’re in the right location we’ve got employees
and see 418 is a company well you’ve got do it it’s no two ways by they cut the
friends of mine what one came in last week I’ve seen kind of said Kevin’s
been in touch what do you think about all this ActionCOACH stuff should we do
it and yeah both me and Doug we were almost like salesman the salesman for
ActionCOACH joking aside I mean it is it’s a bit of
a no-brainer to be honest yeah it’s you can be in business for no matter how
long and think you know what the answers but there’s tried and tested ways of
doing things and understanding how your business works that you won’t
necessarily get or gain yourself you need you need a third party an ActionCOACH you’ve got the skills and the knowledge to be able to do that

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