Creating a poll on your Facebook page
is a fantastic way to connect with your existing followers and to get
noticed by a new audience. However, while it’s a quite straightforward process
to create a poll in a Facebook group, the steps you need to follow if you want
to do the same on your business page are less obvious. That’s why in this video I’m going to
show you step by step how to create a poll on your Facebook page. We start
with creating a poll on the phone, how you can add various media to it
or limit the duration of your poll. Then we switch over to the desktop as
the way how you create a poll in your browser is slightly different. So stay tuned and watch until
the end to not miss a thing. By the way, hi, I’m Sabine
Biesenberger. If we haven’t met yet, welcome to my YouTube channel, where I share everything marketing and
sometimes beyond to help you grow your coaching business with ease. And, if
you’re already part of my community, welcome back. I’m so glad you’re
here. Now without further ado, let’s grab your phone and open the
FacebookPage app or hop over from your personal profile. Once loaded,
click the “Publish” icon. As you can see, the poll option is not
listed in this preview section down here. Just click “Add to your post”, scroll down until the
green poll icon appears, click it and start to create your poll. Let’s go with “What do you really
want?” as a question … [typing] … And then let’s type the two answers
or options in the respective areas. Let’s go with “Get more clients.” [typing] And you can see this
little number 8 over here. This actually means that you have
eight characters left for your option 1 answer. If we click into option 2, you can see that the
total is 25 characters. So let’s go for option 2
with “Generate more income.” You can leave your poll like this, which means it’s simply a text-based
poll or you can add videos or images or a GIF or a GIF depending on which
pronunciation you prefer. To do that, simply click those little
pictures over here. We want to add a GIF or a GIF… And, we want to go for “crowd”
here with the first one. And, for consistency purposes, we need to add obviously one
to our second option as well. And here we go with a “money”
related image. And, ta-da, our poll is created. You’re
nearly there. But wait, Sabine… How can I add more answer
options? you may ask. Well, for some strange reasons, Facebook is only offering us two options
when you run an official Facebook poll on your business page when using
their template. Yes, two and no more, which doesn’t really make sense to me as
there are no restrictions when creating a poll in a group. I did
a little research, though, and there seem to be some third-party
tools or apps out there if you want to create a more fancy
poll. Having said that, I didn’t test any of them
so I can’t recommend one. If you decide to try one of those tools, make sure that the one you go with is
approved by Facebook to avoid getting your account shut down. What you can also do is to create
what I call an “unofficial” poll. To do that, simply create a standard post and give
your audience different answer options, which they can reply to in the
comment section to give their vote. You can do this with bullet points
or emojis or a pre-created graphic, whatever you feel more
drawn towards. By the way, I created some Facebook tutorials here
if you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage the Facebook
social media powerhouse for your coaching business. Okay, let’s go back to our poll and let’s
finish it so I can show you how to create one on your desktop too. Let’s change
the date by when the poll should end. As mine is more of an engagement
poll, I want this poll never to end. So I click the “clock” section here, select “Never”, and now I can add a check-in or a feeling
and activity to my poll down here. So let’s add a feeling…
I want “curious”. And by the way, if you create
the poll on your desktop, which I will show you in a minute, you can select additional features like
photo/video or get messages or see a preview of your poll. But let’s
not get ahead of ourselves. Once you’re happy with everything, click “Continue” and if you
want to publish it right now, click “Publish”. But if you want to save it as a
draft or schedule it for later, click the “arrow” here, make your selection and once
done click “Done”. Voila, you’ve just created a poll
on your Facebook business
page via your mobile phone. Now, I know that some people think it’s
ridiculous to have only two answer options available when creating a
poll. What do you think? Is having only two answer
options sufficient? Let me know in the comments
below. I’d love to hear from you. Over to creating a poll on the
desktop. From your personal profile, go to your Facebook business page. I personally like to use
this “drop-down menu” here. Then in the top menu, go
to “Publishing Tools”. Once loaded, click the “+ Create” button, then click the “…” here
and click the “poll” feature. Now you see the same poll template you
saw on your mobile phone just with a tad more options and settings down here. Let’s replicate the poll we created
on our mobile phone. [fast typing] Don’t forget to set your poll duration.
As in my case, it’s more of a fun poll, I click “Never”. Add
any feelings/activities, get messages or check-in location, and then you can in this section
here preview you your poll, which you couldn’t do
on your mobile phone, either as a desktop preview
or as a mobile preview. And once you’re happy with both,
“close” the window. And if you ready, share your poll now. If you don’t want to publish it right
now on your Facebook business page, click this little “drop-down menu” here
and you can either schedule it later, backdate it or save it as a draft. You’ve just created a poll on your
business profile via your desktop. Yes, it’s a little bit more complicated to
get to the poll option on your desktop as you need to use the “Publishing
Tools” menu. But now that you know it, creating a poll should be a piece of
cake for you. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share
it with your friends and peers. And as always, I appreciate
you watching my videos. And if you want to see more from me, how
about watching these videos over here? Bye for now and I’ll see you over there. [music]

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  2. I've never tried the FB poll before. But I often wish Instagram provided more poll options. I don't like the quiz format because it makes one of the answers wrong…

  3. Great video! I used the poll feature on my FB group but never on my FB page! I will start next week! 🙂

  4. I've done a few polls on YouTube, but never Facebook! I think more than two is better – that's what I usually do anyway! Thanks!

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