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How to create a job. From the homepage click on new job and fill out as many fields as you would like. We can type in a new contact and company and save this contact to the address book, if required, or begin typing an existing contact or company name to search the address
book and select the contact to populate the fields. Enter a job type as free text or create a drop-down list in company settings and type a delivery address, if required, followed by options for goods out and
goods in. Coming to the job dates, outgoing and returning are the dates and
times that the kit added to the job in the next stage will be reserved from and
until. Whereas jobs start until finish are the actual dates of the hire and
form the charge period unless the open-ended hire option is selected,
totally removing the finish and returning dates and times. Outgoing and
job start and job finish and returning can be unlinked to separate the dates to
allow for delivery or preparation time for example. You can also override the charge period if you wish to charge for more or less days and hours. Memo allows for internal notes and add a client reference if you have one. Default
discounted price group for the contact pulls from the address book but you can
override this here. Ask the system to calculate late fees or not. Enter a job
name or leave it blank for the system to create one automatically. Select the
depot and price structure required and press save to create the job. This will open the job page where we can see that this job is an enquiry created
by a certain user. As an enquiry, any kit added to the job will not affect
your availability until the status is progressed to provisional or booked from
the menu. You can also amend the default drop status from company settings.Amend who manages the job by clicking on the manager name. You can also click on an
address to take you to Google Maps and press the edit button to amend any of
the job information already entered.

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