Crash Course Business – Soft Skills: Preview

Crash Course Business – Soft Skills: Preview

Hi, I’m Evelyn From the Internets and I’m
here to talk to you about business. I’m sure a lot of things just popped into
your head: Suits, meetings, skyscrapers, handshakes, big cities, money, graphs, slide decks…
or the immediate UGH when you think of “business”? But we use business skills all the time. Maybe you’re great at planning parties. Or you’re always the peacemaker when your
roommates argue about dishes. Or you’re basically a pro at making YouTube
videos that say something meaningful and make people laugh. Even though that just sounds like living your
life, all those skills can translate to the workplace. It’s easier than you might think. Plus, you know… kind of important. Gotta pay those bills. So, for the next 17 weeks, I’m gonna be
your host for the first half of Crash Course Business, which is sponsored by Google. We’re doing business too, you guys. We’re gonna talk about Soft Skills, and
help you use what you’ve already got to stand out and make moves in the business world. Soft Skills is a kind of catch-all term for
buzzwords like Communication, Teamwork, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution. We’ll cover big-picture ideas like leadership,
how to have a tough professional conversation, and how to take care of yourself. Because everyone’s talking about burnout
these days, and you can be good at business and set boundaries. And we’ll also give you plenty of concrete
tips about resume writing, interviewing, and how to turn your lofty dreams into achievable
goals. We’re here to help you hone your day-to-day
business skills, look for a job, get along with your coworkers, and really take your
career to the next level. Even if that next level is just getting started. But, don’t worry, we’re not going to turn
you into a corporate robot. Companies will want to hire YOU, not just
some weird carbon copy of what someone thinks an employee should look and act like. We’ll kick off the course with an episode
about trust, because it’s the key to working with people and building your reputation as
both an employee and as a manager. I’m Evelyn from the Internets, this is Crash
Course Business: Soft Skills, and I’ll see you next week.

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  1. I. Love. Crash Course. Everything and everyone involved. Past present future. Yes.

  2. This video showed me the importance of head space. Some of the shots are to close by making the video uncomfortable to watch to me. Please keep that in mind.

  3. This is a VERY good idea I myself was thinking about taking a class on this topic. It's a good thing to know, Crash Courses future is looking quite well.๐Ÿ˜

  4. I have a Business class in my school, so this would give me a bit boost. Please do Crash Course Information Technology next!

  5. OK, but what if I don't have anything? No soft skills what so ever. If conflict, then straight up nuclear weapons and complete obliteration of any enemy.

  6. I wish i knew 3 years ago when i started my company how corporate bylaws are created by shareholders and elections of board of directors/what the powers of directors are and how that works under the state/federal guidelines of what kinds of corporate bylaws are acceptable/legal.
    I think an understanding of the basics of a business entity's structure will be key here for those who want to start a company. this latest generation i believe has the highest number of would-be entrepreneurs… since… ever…. i think.

  7. I would have watched this series anyway because it is from Crash Course. But everyone is super excited about this presenter. I dont know her! So now am even more interested!

  8. Excellent! I think this will actually help people and give away something real, meaningful, and valuable. I'm good at what I do because of mentors. That's not mine to keep. I will forever teach anyone, anything I've learned… that's life; learning and teaching, exchanging and growing. I owe it back! At the most basic level, information to SUCCEED AT LIFE should not cost anything, nor should it belong to only specific groups or classes! That's the only reason we've come this far as a species, yet today, everyone just wants your money so they can hand it on up the Forbes List! I'm so happy that all of these shows work so hard to view and present our world, our reality, with open eyes and minds. Really, this is just another amazingly fantastic idea!

  9. I'm enthusiast about this subject, because I've just finished a course at university about Business Communication and Business Skills

  10. If possible please make a video series on startups – All in one guide for teenagers with basic fundamentals of business… Thank You in advanced….๐Ÿ‘

  11. I already have a lot of these skills, but I firmly believe there's always room for self-improvement. Thank you for this segment of the channel.

  12. I think the series should be re-titled as "Work Soft Skills" compared to "Business Soft Skills" which implies the knowledge is only applicable to the private sector. Those of who work in the public sector may initially think the series is not relevant to us again because of "Business" being the first word in the title. Loving the series so far by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I await Crash Course: Wages for Housework, where we learn 'Home Economics' and how we are all entrepreneurs when we wash the dishes

  14. Being a salaried slave is business? Not for us duh. Thought this would be about doing business and not being a sucker wtf ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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