Corporate Weight Loss on First Business News

Corporate Weight Loss on First Business News

Narrator: You’re watching first business. Angela Miles: Plus, meet the man whose job
is to keep corporate America looking good. Plus, fit for the job. How one man keeps the
wealthy healthy. We’ll be right back. Call him the corporate fat fixer. Jeff Hyman,
CEO of Retrofit is on set with us this morning. Good morning! Jeff Hyman: Good morning! Angela: You’re company’s focused on trimming
the fat of CEOs and other executives. So, what exactly do you do? Jeff: So, Retrofit is a data-driven weight
loss company, and we work specifically in the corporate market. So our clients are executives,
business professionals who typically sit in front of a computer all day. Very sedentary.
On average, they are 20, 30, 40 pounds overweight. So, we work with them to improve their health. Angela: It sounds like a big problem Jeff: 68% of Americans are overweight. So,
it’s the vast majority. But, more specifically, in the corporate market, this costs companies
a lot of money. Each overweight employee costs their boss $1500 a year extra. So, if you
do the math for some of the companies we work with like, Google, etc., it’s
hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Angela: Your business relies heavily on technology.
So, I think other tech companies would look at you very favorably. Jeff: Yup, but we also work with non-tech
companies like Southwest Airlines, a lot of retailers work with Retrofit. It’s such a
prevalent problem, that it almost doesn’t matter what sector you’re in. Angela: Tell me about the gadgets and devices
you use. Jeff: So, Retrofit has two main components.
The first gadget or device is Skype video conferencing. So, customers work with their
own team of experts via Skype videoconference. These are personal lessons. Private lessons,
essentially. Second, we include two wireless tracking devices. One is in my pocket and
the second is a Wi-Fi scale. The customer steps on the scale, and it send us the data
remotely so we can hold them accountable. Angela: You have them on an electronic leash.
Who can eat with you around? Jeff: So, it’s important to eat. We make sure
that our customers eat five times per day. You should never be hungry. Angela: Small meals are great, aren’t they? Jeff: They’re huge. Some of our customers
prefer seven or eight times a day, but you’ve got to keep your blood sugar nice and level.
That has positive effects for the employer, because you’re able to think much more clearly. Angela: Last question, what is your weight
of return? Jeff: Weight of return…my personal weight
of return. So, I have lost about 20 lbs on the program. Most of our senior executives
have lost between 20 and 50 lbs. Angela: Great success story. Thanks for bring
that to us this morning. Jeff: Thank you so much.

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