Copiosity Luxury Greetings: Outstanding Woman-Owned Business | SCORE

Copiosity Luxury Greetings: Outstanding Woman-Owned Business | SCORE

( light guitar and piano music ) ( upbeat guitar music ) Copiosity is a luxury greetings
and paper product design company. We design
for national retailers. [Clarke] And our products
are very artful. They are very special. They have a touch of fine
artistic skills to them. [Harrison] We conceptualize
within our company and then we bring in
fine artists to add their own take
to the product. – By bringing together their
knowledge of the marketplace and the skills of the artists
they employ, they can bring to that market something that I haven’t
seen anywhere else. [Clarke] Having a SCORE representative
has made a huge difference in where we started
and where we’re going. If we give him another title, that would probably be “Dr. Bruce” because when you go to the
doctor’s and you have pains, it wasn’t a–
kind of giving us a cure-all pill. It was giving us something
that allowed us to go out and test different areas. [Harrison] One of the challenges
we face in this business is that there are not many
women in the industry. And we have really had
to put our foot down and say we’re serious about this and we’re a force
to be reckoned with. – There’s always room for you
as a woman-owned business in any industry you look to enter.

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  1. Best to you, Dianne, Cynthia, Bruce, and Washington, DC SCORE – you show how powerful persistence in business, combined with experienced SCORE mentoring, can be!

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