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  1. Nancy you look like you have a mouth full of crap !!! You have to be the ugliest person I have seen in a long time !!!! You know you don't have a key to stand on !!! What you just did will and did seal the next president of the United States of America and that is Trump !!!! President Trump for another four more years !!! Another four more years !!!!!! Nothing but a bunch of idiot's at CNN !!!!!!!!

  2. As a bipartisan person. I have to say he's in trouble. No shade but damn. You can't hold up help in exchange for anything. It's illegal seriously illegal. And republic an are goin to get a ride awakening in 14 months when. All his support not the people but his wealthy support leaves him in exchange for having jobs after this era is over.and if he's found guilty they will be running in the other direction. Which is why it's imperative that he crush all opposition even from his own side as to stay in the white house because onces he's out. It a free-for-all on his ass. Lol

  3. I saw a Mexican mother with her child.walkin down the a neighbor that wasn't her own. She stopped to tie her shoe. Her son hit a kid( white kid an do saytht to say black people don't behave like this) the white mother(bitch seriously no racism at all) push the Mexican boy down the Mexican lady started telling atgue lady. An dthe only thing the lady said was oh yeah? Where's your green card. An that she was calling ice. That's.. were we are as a country this hate is growing and I for one want whatever it is that is causing it to stop.. my God we were better right then now it's just different ??. I started laughing an crying at the Sam damn time because the lady picked her child up in fear an ran … Down the street. An dno w crying again. This sort of pre neo Nazis Holocaust behavior is beneath us. And I hate to quote Meagan McCain but damn. This is dangerous.this behavior like it's okay to be this time it's okay. Is eroading our republic.

  4. There's a reason why movies like children of men an ready player one exist( beginning did notice how everything was messed up around them?) But still all they could see was the game) look deeper.. I'm sick of everyone having blinders on.oh and the lady ran when that bitch yelled to get husband baby call ice. I can't get it out of my head I yelled at the lady and like a bad dream she didn't here me.just walked in her house uneffected. Rember how ugly people looked to you in movies based in 1960s or slavery times the ( white people in those movies?( Seriously it's starting to feel like that to me now and for alot of people to) I've heard in conversations in how her day of new revolutionary war. It's just that what people are talking about. Did you here about this. I'm like… What?. We might have to take back our government soon .. oh yeah? Lol. It's all unreal.

  5. For over two years the Dem Congress had done NOTHING except obstruct and attack the President.
    The Dems are DESPERATE to hide their own crimes Bribery, extortion, money laundering, drug trafficking, child kidnapping, molestation, torture and MURDERS !
    Time to send a battalion of Marines into the Capitol and drag out and hang the traitors.

  6. Trump and great company the people that are in bad company or you and people like communist Network news that are nothing but socialist trash lies corruption in the seat that's all you know your scum-sucking garbage in America knows it you're a joke a disgusting joke

  7. Even the GOP is starting to turn on Trump. He will definitely lose in 2020. The past is catching up. He is too dishonest to stay out of trouble. He is like a thief who steals. He will keep stealing because he has been getting away with it, but the honeymoon ends when he is finally caught. And that time is now. He can't even resist tweeting for heaven's sake. No self-control means he is destined to become a 1-term president.

  8. These people are imbeciles.
    All an investigation will prove is VP Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid to help his crackhead son and Trump had a conversation about it


    Prez of UKRAINE states he was NEVER PUSHED or PRESSURED by TRUMP.


  10. Shit up Anderson. We know you’re fucked up and brain washed. Woken people look at you as a puppet. That’s all you are. Why did your bro kill himself?… maybe to leave the pain of your fucked up childhoods and his desire to escape the game and no longer be a pawn. Wake up. You’re just a ZOMBIE. You have no success. Period. You’re a joke. That is all. TELL THE TRUTH.

  11. As the lost cause of the Mueller report persists, hope springs eternal, again, for any possible way for certain Dems to divert attention from the day of reckoning. The slow wheels of justice grind much faster for ordinary impecunious citizens!

    What ever happened to the gross lies, deceit, fraud, treason and even likely murders, of last three administrations, pray tell?


    what possible motive could that attorney general have to lie?

  13. Running out of popcorn watching the Clown News Network… They are such idiots and they actually think WE the People aren't wise to their FAKE NEWS. TRUMP 2020 WWG1WGA

  14. Our Nation is split and most people don't give a sh*t, the Republicans think they are it and the Dems holler this is it! This is it! I truly love this drama; of all the reality shows this is the biggest hit!

  15. Who wants to a faget like Anderson cooper he just don't like trump he a dumacrat loving faget needs go home be with his boyfriend lol

  16. You would think that after the fake Russian investigation the democrats would apologize and then possibly legislate. The choice to start fake Ukraine investigations instead is a very bad choice. Republican straight down the ballot for my family.

  17. After this accusation/ charade, I decided to join the WalkAway movement and register yesterday to vote for Trump. Including the rest of my family? this is not the JFK party anymore!??

  18. How about impeaching all of CNN Journalists like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Cuomo? About time real actions are taken against all reporters and Media Channels that are spewing fake news day i day out like MSNBC and CNN. Save America from fake news people before we can make America Great Again!

  19. Yes, he is, he is a President that is very popular and is doing what the American voter asked him to do!!! Which is get rid of the swamp creatures and expose you media actors for what you are, mockingbird assets of the C-A

  20. I want to take this moment to admit I did it. I’m the whistler. Now if thousands of people join me we might be able to dilute the pool of suspects.

  21. The shock factor in the news right now dissapears when Trump dissapears, whatever I think of him I will check every night to see what Trump the corruptor is getting up to

  22. Anderson Pooper…. You told me the Mueller Dossier was a road map to impeachment. What happened? I guess it's hard to follow a road map when your head is up your arse.

  23. the t, has shown the American people who he is, from the start. He is not there for the American people, he is there for himself. Just as he has always been, his whole life. He is a confidence man, he'll lie to get "you" to want what he ultimately wants…… all along, trying to fill that hole inside of him!

  24. The speaker is the one that has like all demoncrats and r.i.n.o.'s were lying when they took the oath to defend the constitutional REPUBLIC ! And are impeachable themselve !'they accuse other of their crimes ( NAZI 101 ) !!!

  25. I think they should release who this whitsleblower blower was and I'm not sure they should be investigated as to who they are and what they support

  26. Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon All of you @CNN… YAWN!! Same old boring, biased junk talk..different day. It must be absolutely exhausting carrying around all of that hatred for Our President and for all of us Republicans for that matter. Dems/Libs are shaking in their boots and have to try another tactic now I see. Your war on Trump has taken quite the toll on you all, aging much? Oh wait, maybe it's because I stopped watching Sad CNN years ago and I haven't seen you all in so long, my bad.? Just calm down, kick up your feet, breathe in and breathe out. Better? Now, just hold high the white flag and WAIT FOR IT⏳ ?????????? TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020??????????????

  27. LOTS of dislikes from Nazi traitors. Anyone supporting Trump is an accomplice to treason and should be tossed into prison with the orange bastard.

  28. If the Democrats are perusing impeachment because of their great love of The United States of America and freedom and democracy, they wouldn’t be smiling, laughing and constantly referencing the upcoming election polls while appearing on their CNN Network arm.

  29. I’ve saw better complexions on dead people. They may need a new zombie soon miss polosey does not look well. Prob Having a hard time getting fresh babies to eat

  30. For the first time in just over three decades of history of this great nation, we have a President with the balls well placed. Many presidents have passed through the White House, but none like Mr. Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. Many criticize him, but we are the ones who recognize and applaud his management as a great leader and strategist. Will one day the DemocRats let the President rule? It is obvious that they, Liberals, are very hurt by the good performance of our President, because they well know that he will be re-elected as President in 2020. Count on our vote for a re-election Mr. President, Donald J. Trump.

  31. A pooper you got a shitload of money from someone better than you, now your the effen pope?
    You tool, you still suck. 🙂

  32. All our president was doing was what he promised. "I'm going to drain the swamp the Biden's are on that list of corrupt politicians

  33. Joe Biden used and abused his Vice Presidency to get his son Contracts or no Govt. aid . Basically Our Vice President Biden was for Hire to the Highest bidder for Contracts in exchange for petsonal Contracts for his son.

  34. Impeach ? For What ? He's guilty of being pissed off about shittie journalism ? Stick to the truth and MAYBE we the people will forgive you. MAYBE…

  35. We love it. Another strong case. Hundreds of hours of very convincing no evidence. Good luck you folks at CNN. I’ll come back when the report is being explained by the next Mueller-like puppet.

  36. More lies from this albino A$$ licker. The democratic party follows the will of satin, so when they all end up in hell who are they going to blame for global warming then. At least it will be a dry heat for the satin worshipers.

  37. Karma will take care of these lying angry ungrateful idiots. CNN so bias why would we believe them?‍♀️?

  38. Anderson should take a vacation.
    He has enough money to NEVER have to work again!

    So what is he still here for?
    The glory of being a fool?

  39. why are you broadcasting this childish finger pointing crap….we want you to broadcast news such as….we are cutting the government in half, we are cutting taxes by 75%
    how about that just for starters.
    that’s the kind of news the american people want to hear. do that, then you can call it historical.

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