Cooney & Conway Feature Video | Mesothelioma and Personal Injury Attorneys

Cooney & Conway Feature Video | Mesothelioma and Personal Injury Attorneys

Cooney & Conway represents folks who’ve
been seriously injured or families of individuals who’ve been killed. In our
firm I think we have an understanding of how personal each case is to each family.
We don’t represent corporations we don’t represent companies. We only represent
those individuals who’ve been hurt. It’s important to make our clients feel
welcome from the very first person that they have contact with. Most of the
people that are calling us are calling us at a low point in their life, maybe
the lowest point. One thing that we want to do is give them reassurances that
we’re going to be doing things that are in their best interest and in the best
interest of their families. So what we try to do in the beginning is to
anticipate the obvious questions that are on their minds and try to walk them
through a process that the vast majority of them have never had to go through
before. From there we give them a little idea of what we expect going forward. Probably as important as anything by having to pay a lawyer would
be very difficult in the meritorious cases we did not charge them until the
end of the case. The very thing that our clients want we can’t always give them. Of course what they really want is for the loved one never to have been injured
or killed and the only thing we can ultimately get for them is financial
compensation. We take that as a significant responsibility, We’ve
resolved matters routinely involving millions and millions of dollars to
families who deserve that compensation and for whom it will never be full
compensation. We’ve been representing victims of negligence since 1958 and we’ve been representing victims in asbestos litigation since about 1977. The majority of the cases that we handle now are related to asbestos. The disease that’s most closely associated with exposure to asbestos is mesothelioma. Our clients when they receive this diagnosis obviously are mostly concerned about their families and what medically is before them. They also have legal questions and that’s where we come in. To me it seems important that if you receive this dreadful diagnosis of mesothelioma you
realize you need to be represented by a firm that’s done it before because the
proofs are developed over decades. What we can do is help someone
reconstruct his or her background. Where they worked, what were the asbestos products at the location, and how they were exposed to
those products I think the background of our attorneys is pretty important. It’s not only the background they have in the law but their background before they
became attorney itself. Our people have some medical expertise others have
some engineering expertise, many are excellent writers. We have a good
understanding of what our clients face and we are able to anticipate concerns
that they have about facing not only their illness but also facing the court
system. Over the course of time that we’ve
been doing the asbestos litigation we’ve probably settled close to
four billion dollars worth of claims. As far as I’m concerned I think people who are seriously injured or killed because of the wrongful conduct of others that they deserve the best
attorneys they can get. I think in many, many, many cases we’re those attorneys.

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