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  1. A President can classify anything he wants, and he is speaking with the leader of another country. So he can classify this if he wants.. Matter of fact the AG can investigate that if he wants. The President did not state that, he said Barr but Ukraine mentioned Rudy..

    But Trump did not say make up stuff about Biden from me.. He said he would want to hear it, but not solicit that help.. We already knew about this stuff and not any of those it is new to us that pay attention.. he has not committed a crime and surly not a high crime or any other impeachable offense.. Adam Schiff the modern day McCarthy and his career is about to go the way of the USSR.. bye bye..

  2. Conway would know a lot about blow'in, she looks tired must have been up all night writing lies for the next days interviews. This mouthpiece of a woman has nothing but hate towards people…..god help her poor husband. She just talks over everyone and never listens, this will be her downfall after Trump has finished with her.

  3. Oh by the way I thought Fox News was bias but apparently they’re leaning to the left us, so sad, I guess all news from these news stations is fake news, they fight for the wrong thing they report

  4. Jesus Martha, whose got you on a leash? Your starting to sound like Don "The worst journalist of the century" Lemon!

  5. Now Joe Biden is not the opponent of Trump. The logic of the interviewer is wrong. Trumps opponent is Elizabeth Warren

  6. Commies have taken over, and Trump (knocking them out of power) has exposed them. Fox News is NO different than CNN. They are both ignoring the REAL criminals (Joe Biden and son) and they both HATE Trump. Fox News would never treat Obama like this. Fake News is Fake News. Vote with your viewership. Turn them off. If you have to watch, only watch Tucker.

  7. I thought KellyAnne did a great job getting out the facts & pointing to the main issue of squashing corruption. I can totally see the transcript was being put under lock down after all the leaks that's been going on for over 3 years now. I don't think anyone in their right mind believes Trump needs to find foreign dirt to beat Joe.

  8. When the transcript are made public and the facts come out she still glossed over the facts and still try to push her false narritave!

  9. The so called News is just a joke these days. If its anything about politics it is only reported if it fits their leftist agenda… what a bunch of BS they spew…. Martha, it's only difficult if you are in the WRONG…

  10. Has anyone read the official memo?
    Trump talks about how good the US is to the Ukraine but that the relationship "is not reciprocal"…. then goes on to ask him to "do me a favour though" and look into 2 things: Ukraine meddling in the 2016 elections (perfectly fine, despite the lack of evidence) AND looking into a closed case into the son of his main 2020 Presidential opponent (NOT OK).

    All the while withholding Congressionally approved funding to the country…

  11. God will show the Dems the way to through these corrupt people out of the temple just like Sodom and Gomorra Jesus hates Republicans !!!!

  12. Martha gets out-witted at every answer to her questions and has to look down at a monitor to see what her handlers want her to say next. LOL!


  14. I want them to see me orb in and out with my controller back n my hands only transforming in and out of this body keep the body I'm in physical as well

  15. This lady Martha is so rude, ask a question and let your guest answer the question. The interruptions, frowns and dirty looks are unnecessary dramatics! Go to CNN!

  16. these two women do not resemble anything derived from the human genome. Someone needs to prick them to see if they will actually bleed blood or anti-freeze or some other non corosive, anti-aging lubricant. Technology is fascinating. They are alost life-like.

  17. Fox News you need to get rid of this anchor person she is clearly anti-Trump and heavily partisan to the Democrats. In other words, she's a swamp dweller, ship her off to CNN now!!!

  18. Trump is a broken sound bite, uses the same excuse for all of his mistakes, lacks imagination to change it up. Old joke, he's not paranoid, the world is against him.But 60% of americans are laughing at him.and number is climbing.

  19. The problem is trump led the conversation wrong. He has the right to find out about crimes but he didn't lead the story right. "Biden wants to run for president and he's the guy that did crimes in Ukraine and got away with it" Trump of course tried to smear Biden campaign but don't trust or solicit other countries to get information on American citizens. But to be fair seems like Deutsche Bank is giving information on trump. Why? Paper Trail & unpaid Taxes

  20. So I guess Fox News is now Fake News ..what is real news ? News from one media source or news saying trump can do no wrong?

  21. All you who know that this is a Clinton based deep state takedown of a brilliant president you need to help in this fight for truth to win over the lies that millions of Americans have fallen for. Go to the CNN, MSNBC and other fake news coverage videos on youtube and start writing the truth in their comments section as all those gullible fools are only hearing the lies, they've been successfully brainwashed. Stand up and be counted and help your president!

  22. I watch cable Fox every single night. I like Martha but truthfully Every Time she has Kellyanne on Martha’s whole persona becomes ANTAGONISTIC, 🤔🤔🤔

  23. I think possibly Martha is doing her job debating both sides. BUT’ watch carefully from the Get Go she’s CONSTANTLY on attack with really only ONE guest KELLYANNE. She is President Trumps lawyer I think she is closer to the relevant topics than your irrelevant questions that spark a doubt of disrespect thinking you Martha might be smarter than Kellyanne !!! I suggest you think Twice.

  24. Martha is putting words into President Trump’s mouth. Biden is not running for President he is a hopeful candidate. I’m sick of the disrespect and lies.

  25. Wow, Martha, You're at about the same level of journalism that CNN strives for now. You know why it was kept under a secure file? Because ALL of the Presidents calls with foreign officials are kept there until they are deemed to not hold "classified" information. Then you answer your own questions with your ridiculous rebuttals . Congrats, Martha, you're Fox's new Megan Kelly. Hopefully you'll leave too. Fox News has become an establishment and elitist dumpster-fire. Donna Brazille?!?!? You actually hired her after she was involved in 3 scandals trying to sabotage the 2016 Presidential Debates and interviews!!! Juan Williams???? 99% of the crap that's spewed from that weird little f**ks mouth is COMPLETE BS. People, STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  26. And that’s one more reason Fox News numbers are dropping just like their sister station CNN. Ahhhhhh yes Martha we see you fit what you truly are….

  27. I heard Trump say 'if another country tells me information I would listen'. This was a 1 way conversation done by another country. Trump did not say anything about responding.  And again news did not listen but turn it into what they want it to say!

  28. If they were real journalists they would be investigating why Hunter Biden was receiving money from the Ukraine so as to offset and back their questioning of why President Trump was talking to the President of the Ukraine about Hunter Biden. I'm embarrassed for our country's news reporters and journalists because they are not doing their job and that is to investigate everything about the circumstances of the phone call. Was there corruption? Find out!!!!! The people of the U.S. and no doubt the Ukraine want to know!!!!

  29. Shut UP, Martha!

    You repeatedly asked Kellyanne questions, then verbally walked all over her, while she was doing her best, to answer them.

    That's very rude, and frankly, not good journalistic practice.

    Your conduct, here, is no different than pool reporters at press conferences.

  30. You all over react Kelly Ann is notorious for her puppeteer routine how many fabrications has she let fly out freely and carelessley to the nation and now she sits here crying about wronged Martha please ask Mrs Conway to have several more seats the nerve of you suck knuckles Martha sleeps upside down? Kelly Ann Conway bathes in blood!! Babies blood that vampire Trump supplies her shame the lot of the traitors are all ppl just stupid what is it that you don't see? This is legit some mess these ignorant butts are upset about what? That is the way of the world ? Times change except it.. ppl of all color are saving each other's lives in the field in surgery in life in love wake up and get the hate out of our system it's ppl that want that mad man to stay in control to continue to keep up this evil that he had going but good wanted him owt!! negative won't triumph!! It's inevitable that's why after all the smoke clears we will be dealing with 8 years of Joe..

  31. I HATE it when a cough , cough , journalist tries to control the " narrative " , quit interrupting , let the guest finish answer the question you asked , stop the " social engineering crap ! I really miss the days when reporters just reported the news as fairly as possible to the point where you didn't know if they were liberal or conservative . Quit trying to frame the narrative . And PLEASE Go work for CNN . And FOX , you better play attention because we can and will go somewhere else for our news . Some people like to think for themselves .

  32. Its clear from this interview that the American media are )K with DNC running the country and its OK with the American media that they are crooked and happy to take tax payers hard earn money and put it in their pockets…. Trump is the only one who have put the nation first and lined his pockets… I am sick and tired of the democrats running the country from within it's like government within government, for carrying out loud he is the President, arrest these people and put them in jail so we can all get on with our lives…

  33. What skill set does Lanka have.For that matter what skill set does Traitor Trump have. The biggest Grifter in the USA

  34. Is poor manners by journalists a requirement? Is there a "rudeness 101?" Grad school arrogance? My God. Ask your tough question, then, SHUT UP. Don't rudely interrupt and talk over the person answering your tough question when the answer you get doesn't fit your narrative. Please keep in mind a journalist is NOT a Government insider. They are sitting in the bleachers like the rest of us.

  35. The host is trying to act smart, she is empty in her head but acting like she knows the whole case and the the most irritating butting when people were explaining. A joke.

  36. PM not President in Oz. Once the name is leaked, homegrown loonies FBI, ATF, PLUS MAFIA. Foreign assassins. It is SAD😱

  37. Kellyanne is a powerful intelligent and couagagous patriot . GOD BLESS her and all Patriots PAST PRESENT and future MAGA KAG WWG1WGA TRUMP 2Q2Q

  38. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was paid $500,000 for work he did for a company co-founded by the Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges, Giuliani told Reuters.

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