Conway calls Dems’ latest impeachment antics ’embarrassing’ and ‘desperate’

Conway calls Dems’ latest impeachment antics ’embarrassing’ and ‘desperate’

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  1. Why do they keep going after Trump? Because he keeps breaking the law. If he were innocent he wouldn't do everything in his power to stop witnesses and documents from being presented. Conway can't give a straight answer to any question and what she does say is full of lies.

  2. No lady, President Donald John Trump brought President Donald John Trump down ALL BY HIMSELF! By breaking the law and withholding money from Ukraine that congress had given to them. And all so that he could find some kind of "dirt" on Biden. If he had any dirt we would have heard about it by now!
    PS. count how many times Trump says the words "Hoax.." or "Witch hunt….:

  3. CABALCREDIBILITY IS NOT CREDIBILITY, and Demorat Credibility is nonexistent after this long series of FRAUD UPON FRAUD !

  4. Thank God President is having the Bible read back in the schools. & you know the Dem's are upset about that that's going to turn the children & some adults 180 around. It will change the world with every thing else coming that God is doing for the World. People are going to be surprised. in a few yrs.

  5. I voted for our president, and I don't regret that; I'll still vote for him in 2020. With some of the revelations that have come out in the last week or so though, I've got to admit, this doesn't look very good…

  6. These so-called news people wouldn't even be employed if it weren't for President Trump……If Hillary had gotten elected I'm pretty sure we'd all be at war and they'd all be giving the 'news' by her standards! I think the USA has seen enough of this back-handed action. Americans want better! The looks given by Sondra.!! What's the deal?

  7. …an absolute waste of time to bring HER on. A simple YES or NO was the request… And like always she failed, because she knows she's backing a corrupt liar and what's done in the dark will always come to light . SHE'S absolutely TRASH, PARTY immaterial..

  8. It's like Pelosi couldn't even find a working pen 0:48 (from her commemorative collection). Looks like they can't get that right either. How fitting!

  9. if Pelosi is making the GOP mad 😑 she must be doing something right,and if she is already celebrating with pens,is because she knows something we don't know. yet.GO NANCY GO!!

  10. If Fox News was factually Fair & Balanced, they'd insist Kellyanne Conway pass drug tests before she's allowed to lie to millions of gullible viewers.

  11. I never watch these two unhappy and overly weird tv hosts. Who writes the questions they ask? Why are they overly dramatic when asking these questions? Starting to have the mannerisms of MSNBC tv hosts. Irritating! We did learn that two heads are not better than one in this clip…..

  12. Just stopped scrolling to say her hair looks fabulous in front of the whitehouse in the screenshot, so much so I stopped to comment. πŸ™‚ not easy to film outside with no frizzies though, of course, that's to be expected.

  13. I like how Bill Hemmer apologized to Kellyanne for he and Sandra being abrupt at the end ( due to time constraints ) and Kellyanne was fine with it.

  14. I should have your jobs, the two "reporters", either you are playing your agenda role or too slow to catch onto the most blatant pattern of behavior in the USA's HISTORY.

  15. Demonrats will stop at nothing to remove the president. Fake whistleblower and now this guy name parnas whos only willing to lie in order to get himself a deal. Sounds like cohen

  16. trump did it we all know he did it, you fox addicts should just admit to yourself and you will have the best night sleep

  17. Kellyanne = beautiful, driven, smart and so strong! I hope the media doesn't break her because I know they're desperate to do that.

  18. She really skipped the usual "Why can't we talk about the fact that Trump created more jobs, even for Afro-Americans? And Obama ordered a hamburger with Dijon mustard."

  19. When do you go from β€œIt’s my JOB to defend, Justify, Even If…”. To β€œIts My Job…but I won’t do That”, you know, Have a Conscience

  20. I would bet that Nancy Pelosi held the articles of impeachment for a month because she literally had to wait for her order of gold plated commerative pens to be finished (due to holiday delays) so she could have the political spectacle of them being surved on a silver platter for the media to report. Democrats are pathetic human beings lol TRUMP 2020 N' FOREVER!!!

  21. "That was a TV show, not a court of law". Kellyanne is saying this on a TV show. But good: let the Senate subpoena Parnas and have him testify under oath. And Bolton and Barr and Giuliani too, while they're at it. But of course Trump and all the President's henchmen have no interest in the truth.

  22. So many people have been caught and charged with crimes from Trump's campaign and the WH. Once they tell their story and indict Trump, these cronies only talk about how non credible they are…. For doing the crimes Trump asked them to do!

  23. As Senoir Counselor to the president and the woman who helped put him in the White House she must be aware of his corruption unless she lives in a box. Ultimately, when Trump is convicted will she also go down with him as an accomplice?
    Don't forget, if Pence and Trump go down Nancy Pelosi will become the first woman president of the US. K A Conway should be pleased as a nominal feminist.

  24. DJT is desperate and is causing too much to happen. Nancy Pelosi is playing 3 dimensional chess and DJT is eating checkers!

  25. Kellyanne is the window licker in the back of the gop clown bus they need to drive that bus back in the swamp they cmcrawled out of

  26. It's not desperation when thugs like Parnas, Fruman and Hyde keep gifting the prosecution with clear evidence of extortion and endangering our diplomats. Trump heads a full blown crime syndicate reminiscent of Gotti, the Gambinos and the Genoveses.

  27. When Donald Trump is acquitted I hope they have a procession with pens as well to over shadow that drunken speakers thunder. Plus he needs to have a permanent sign put up in every DemocRAT city that says β€œonce acquitted always acquitted impeachment becomes redundant. Throw your pens in the bin” this must be accompanied by the πŸ˜‚ emoji so it rubs salt into these demented alcoholic drug dependent lie infested Democrat wounds every time they see it.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP THE GREATEST EVERπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  29. You have to love Kellyanne Conway, she just cripples the media trying to interrupt her spiel. No wonder why her husband is jealous.

  30. Can someone translate that please It was completely incoherent Maybe it needs to be slowed down by 90%. But it just sounds like a lot of gibberish. She didn't actually say anything.

  31. Yes but remember the accused does not have the burden to prove his innocence. It was down to the House to make the case for his guilt. The β€œinvestigation” was a total fail, the trial will be egg on the face of the partisan hacks in the Democratic Party. Good times!

  32. Kellyanne Conway' is such a super smart woman. President Trump knows how to choose people for his team and the best for the country.

  33. Joe Biden is touchy feely pedophile. As is his good friend(s) John Podesta and his convicted pedophile. brother and their friend Stephen Colbert who knows the Podesta's who ran Colbert's sisters campaign in South Carolina. Look into it.

  34. Grrr those dirty dems!!! Vs Hey facts hurt don't they Trump?!!

    You sheep are being tricked way too easily. It's just a show dummies

  35. Kelly Ann is so articulate, smart and spot-on well-spoken. I can't say enough about what an asset she is to the President.

  36. Exactly…. no need for a trail !!!! Wasted tax dollars and Time are the things that we actually need a hearing on. Are you listening???

  37. Love Kelley Anne, There such a sad Bunch Of CURRUPTABLES And Dispicable Liars , Dems And Adolf Shifty Schiff And Pelosi And co are such a sad Bunch Of Idiots And There Fake Comedy News backers CNN And MNSBC And co are there Currupt Mouth Pieces, Just Love πŸ’• President Trump And FOX NEWS NETWORK The only TRUTH NEWS IN AMERICA TODAY

  38. If a picture is worth a 1000 words….Parnas's pictures will write a novel Of just how Corrupt the Trump administration really is.. If this guy is such a liar and a criminal What and Why are our elected officials doing dealing with him. This loud mouth trash talking Crone for 45 still didn't answer the question Did Trump Know the unsavory character all of the pictures he has said yes he Does. She along with Trump Nunez Barr Pompeo all will be pen pals in a federal prison Soon enough

  39. Is it my imagination or has Conway aged about 20 years since 2016? Don't get me wrong I'd still do things to her she has never heard of, mainly to shut her lying mouth up but it has to be so stressful covering up for the biggest liar to ever roam the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave anyone would age at 5 times the normal rate. She sure can dance, especially when you try to ask her a question about her lying boss. Put on those dancing shoes baby lol lol lol. Of course she says to go by what mister pants on fire has to say.

  40. I think everyone that questioned whether or not she answered the question has proven there is a learning disability from the left. She answered the questions as lucid as she could. Just because the reporter tried to force her to a yes or no, the question isn’t a yes or no answer type question. She’s too smart to get trapped into a talking point.

  41. Thankyou for doing a good job letting
    " America ",,know the truth, Nancy the
    Polockcy made herself look " stupid "
    their all worried Trump will " Win "
    a second term!!,,

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