Consortium:The Tower – The Pitch [RUS]

Consortium:The Tower – The Pitch [RUS]

Consortium the tower is like our previous game a nonlinear single player first person immersive simulation taking place entirely within a single location this time you’ll find yourself at the center of a highly unusual hostage situation atop a massive skyscraper in the heart of a near future London England you will sneak fight explore and talk your way through an interactive story that is driven entirely by you there are no cutscenes and we never take control away from you think the original deus ex video game combined with die aarde let’s take a look at a few different approaches to the same situation a contingent of potential combatants are on an outdoor balcony and you’ve been tasked with discovering what they’re up to first off you could try your hand at diplomacy in the tower you’ll be able to literally speak anytime and anywhere it’s here form around me okay Bishop 6 easy now put down your weapon come on Bishop drop it good ah now you’re coming with us a deal this isn’t the clothes another approach is through the use of experimental stealth gadgetry you can avoid potential combatants entire realm that you Thank You bishop I got access now interpreting it let’s see whoa you’re not going to believe this that that device this is kind of nice and then there’s always the wild need I remind you that is not a consortium is you barf on each wire thanks bishop sinks you you might think that being kicked from the consortium means that you’ve failed or that is game over but in a tower the experience only stops when you die don’t worry seeker we’ve got you welcome big time finally there is of course the John McClane approach explore the towers ducts and shafts and you may just discover a few of its hidden secrets watch your step 6 look around but don’t touch anything I’m i picking up said they saw power readings the tower will be a fully standalone single-player experience but it is also the second at a planned trilogy of games to be honest this is the one we’ve most looked forward to making after almost ten years of planning in 2013 we run a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed us to finish the foundations of our drill consortium since then we’ve completed the game supported it through two years of patches and delivered on battery while employed ago five years of world building and pre-production proceeded an intense three year production cycle for the game made by six core team members plus contractors on a tight budget we are selectively expanding our core team and we plan on nothing less than to push the boundaries of what is possible with a single player immersive simulation the experience or aiming for doesn’t simply consists of good guys bad guys or even a choice between the two instead it’s about characters and their agendas and your freedom to be able to investigate and respond to them as you see fit you will into the tower is officer bishop 6 of the consortium an organization claiming to me until round piece about how you need it is entirely up to your honor we refuse to compromise our vision for the tower for any reason so we’re looking for folks who believe in what we’re trying to do this is hopefully where you come in by backing us you are effectively helping to green-light this project for production all backers will have access to daily development updates and depending on the level of support semi-regular video Q&A sessions to talk about anything you may have on your mind we have quite a few detailed updates scheduled over the next few weeks so stay tuned to find out exactly how we plan and combining some of the best elements of certain old school video games with our unique approach to interactive storytelling but we can’t do this without you I invite you to join us together let’s make the ultimate single-player sci-fi immersive sip the future of our studio is in your hands thank you for watching for in this sleep of death is me Oh

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