Consortium: The Tower – The King’s Plea

Consortium: The Tower – The King’s Plea

Through the use of what we call the Rift,
the iDGi-1 Satellite is capable of putting you in full control of another human being
within a parallel world I am the Consortium King It is critical that Interdimensional Games be allowed to re-establish a connection with my world If they fail, all possible timelines across every known universe are assured a terrible future, from which there is no return

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  1. Well, I will be short of cash since it's after Christmas, but I guess since it's saving the multiverse, that's okay.

  2. Where is my candlelit dinner with pawn 32?!

    Sounds great guys, i'll see if i can persuade others to invest in the project aswell.

  3. God dang it, Consortium 1 is just like a sexy girl in bikini teasing to get naked, but she never does. And The Tower are the scissors to cut off that damn bikini already

  4. I got so sucked into the story/game itself that it's 5am in the morning and after doing a single straight playthrough from start to finish, I must say that Consortium was amazingly fun. It actually made me feel as if saving and leaving the game would be almost a death-sentence for a alternate reality.

    Can't wait for the sequel, and I already spent about a hour deciphering the coded messages from (only after figuring out the drag and drop puzzle that lets you access all those WinRar files). So while I've probably made only the smallest dent in the actual lore/secrets that have been painstakingly concealed by the developers, I am already addicted to this series.

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