Consortium reveals plans for Auckland waterfront stadium

Consortium reveals plans for Auckland waterfront stadium

We’ve got a once-in-a-generation
opportunity here to take a really ugly section of the Auckland waterfront and
transform it into something that’s absolutely magnificent and world-class.
The Cornerstone project is the construction of a new 50,000 seat
stadium which is multi-purpose, fully enclosed and sunk down into the seabed. It’s a beautiful design. Now we’re wanting to see what the public
of Auckland say about this and if the will is there to develop the waterfront
and build a stadium like this, and this is all done at zero cost to the taxpayer
and ratepayer. If that’s what people want then we think the opportunity is there
to be seized. The key to this is that the developer of the stadium is required to
deliver the stadium and in return gets to develop the Bledisloe Wharf into what
we call the Bledisloe Quarter as residential and commercial properties
and we’ll also have the right to develop the Eden Park site when Eden Park is no
longer needed.

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