Consortium Coordinates Social and Behavioral Sciences Research

Consortium Coordinates Social and Behavioral Sciences Research

(upbeat music) Well the consortium really came about after a study that was commissioned by the Office of Research a few years back. The idea is, that you really have a group of faculty, who all have a common interest. And what they’re doing is bringing together their expertise from their respective disciplines to collaborate to address the problem. (laughter) Part of what we really think we can do, is help faculty move outside of disciplinary silos. And start working across those silos with faculty in other disciplines, in other campuses, and to build stronger interdisciplinary multi-disciplinary, and now what we talk about as trans-disciplinary collaborations. Another piece of what we want to be, is sort of the hub where people can come to and learn about where do they go get help to collect data, to write a grant in a particular area, to find a research partner. And so a big part of what we do is referrals and connections. And we reinforce other campus units. We help connect faculty to those units. And it’s a way to again, to reinforce the science network, if you want to think of it that way, on campus. What we’re gonna be doing is strengthening all of the operations around campus with this consortium. Bringing people together, and frankly just growing the research base. Being successful in a very competitive environment. (upbeat music) Subtitles by the community

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