Concussion Consortium

Concussion Consortium

we devise the program targeting coaches
and athletic trainers in the area with regards to concussions they’ve come in
the news more often with sports injuries at the high school and middle school
level and what we’re worried about is really identifying and addressing those
needs of the student athletes before it becomes more serious unfortunately in
the state of New Jersey we’ve had several deaths over the years in high
school athletes because they went back to play too quickly so this educational
program really targets the first line in the whole medical change here I was a
punt returner kick returner years ago when I was playing we didn’t even call them
confessions you just said I got my bell rung you see stars you know the trainer
would come over and say how many fingers do I have up do some smelling salts just
kept going it kind of explains why i have bad memory as a former player who’s
been involved been concussed seen=concussions have children that have
concussions people who aren’t that close to it hear about it so much they just
they think this like it’s this deadly disease and it’s not it’s just something
that you have to be cautious about is it’s like getting a bruise or something
that’s hurt that you have to take the proper precautions to make sure it’s
healed these folks bringing their experience on the NFL and the long-term
effects that it had on them it kind of put some names with the faces and kind
of puts a reality to it what we’re doing you know part of the hospital’s mission
is to keep our community well and if we’re able to prevent these injuries by
these educational programs and get these speakers in here to kind of share their
experience its a win-win for everybody you know especially the
community we serve

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