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  1. I love Conan's dance in the beginning. Also, he can dye his hair to his original color but I guess he likes the light blondish color.

  2. on hindsight, i'm glad that Conan's on Cable and not Network TV. I can imagine TBS gives him and his writer more autonomy with regards to what they want aired on the show. and thats where Conan can really showcase the incredibly funny man that he is

  3. ya'll ever notice the power move talk show hosts do to guests by having the guest sit first?
    0:52 look at Conan fake him out by sitting first ???

  4. Wait… Stephen and his wife started dating in 1993 and were married by October 1993? At most 10 months of dating, and they've been married for 26 years? And he thinks his show is mental illness made profitable?

  5. Watching these two verbally bust each others chops is one of the less wasteful uses of my time I will ever discover.

  6. From now on, every time anyone offers me any praise whatsoever my response shall thusly be "Who the hell do you think you are?"

  7. Anyone else realize that when he made the joke with "sad violins play…" he talked about "lorraine", which was actually the wife of "Stephen Colbert"? I found that interesting…somewhat…

  8. This is like looking at two masters talking to each other. So many subtexts and they made sure audiences know about them. Brilliant!

  9. “Find someone who will stay with you regardless of the fact that you are hard to be with.” Life advice from Stephen Colbert

  10. Lol I wonder if they saw that video about their body language in the last interview bc they are doing the opposite this time??

  11. Can anybody tell me the background music when colbert entered the stage? I know that I know this song but I cant remember the title just by humming. It’s haunting me

  12. So nobody saw the YouTube video about the tension between these two? Oh yeah. It was taken down a little while after it was up lol. Somebody doesn’t want that getting out

  13. 1:00 haha he did the same thing as Colbert did in his interview. Colbert standing up, trying his best to be the last to sit

  14. My whole view about talk shows changed after the "Joker" movie. Always waiting for something to happen at the end??

  15. this just makes me bitter all over again that conan's not on network. and even though he would never purposefully try to steal colbert's thunder, you have to wonder if the whole time he was there, he was thinking "i could be doing this. i SHOULD be doing this!"

  16. Conan should have been the true successor to David Letterman. Would have completed the circle, he hosted "Late Night" too with Dave's blessing, was banished from "The Tonight Show" like Dave. Just made real sense. Colbert is political and harsh and right angles and rigid, Conan is loose and fluid. Colbert is no Dave Letterman. I think we all know that.

  17. I need these two to have more conversations on camera/behind microphones. Stephen, can you be a perminant guest on Conan’s podcast?

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