Community Engaged Fellows: Asa Hussain ’21

Community Engaged Fellows: Asa Hussain ’21

It’s a program that really gets students
into community and teaches them how to work toward their goals, especially if
their goals are centered around environmental justice or social justice.
It was really nice to kind of have that community set aside for you to just build.
At Rocky Mountain Field Institute everyone was so welcoming and so nice and so excited
that they were going to have someone interning there with them, and so it
really allowed me to meet some professionals who worked in the
non-profit sector and could teach me different ways of how nonprofits
worked and, you know, fundraising actual volunteer working and just
organizing – community organizing. In the fellowship itself, inside of my
cohorts, it was so nice just building on solid relationships. It’s a really
impactful program – for the people who are in it and for the people who we are
affecting change with.

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