Community Development Story – Haijali Rawat – International Nepal Fellowship [INF]

Community Development Story – Haijali Rawat – International Nepal Fellowship [INF]

My name is Haijali Rawat. Haijali comes from a remote, mountainous area
of western Nepal Fourteen of my children died,
only one daughter has survived. My husband and I used to worry about her. My husband went to gather firewood for cooking. He fell from a tree and was killed. I had nobody to help me, and because I was
a widow people used to shun me and make fun of me. My daughter was three months old when
my husband died. It’s hard in Nepal for widows,
people wouldn’t even walk near me. I was desperate So we went far away to India to
try and find work. In India life without my husband was hard, it wasn’t easy to find work. We returned to Nepal when my daughter
was two years old. I tried to make a living selling fruit and
vegetables, but couldn’t afford to send my daughter to school. Haijali found out about a local women’s
self-help group, started by INF INF encouraged widows to join the group. As well as including us, the group listened
to us and helped us. My daughter wanted to become a nurse, but
I had no money to support her. She suggested asking the group for help. The group decided to ask INF to help us,
so that my daughter could train to become our local nurse. INF gave me a buffalo so that I could make
a living selling milk, support my daughter’s education, contribute to the group
and help other people. When INF gave me the buffalo I was so happy
that I laughed and danced with joy. Haijali’s daughter is now 22 and studying
to become a nurse INF gave us the opportunity to have a better
life. I’m so happy, and so grateful to INF. A father to the fatherless, a defender of
widows, is God in his holy dwelling
Psalm 68,5 INF helps hundreds of groups like the group
which helped Haijali How can you help INF? Pray, Give, Go

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  1. i loved the smile of that elderly lady,,,,i could sense the genuine happines in that elderly lady at the end of the video!

    and yes loved the video so much !

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