Commercialising science: Enterprise Fellowships

The Enterprise Fellowship for me has been
a real life changing experience both professionally and personally. It’s given me the chance to
unlock some potential that I didn’t realise that I personally had and take on this role
as CEO of the company. I think because we are stepping out of an
academic lab and into a very different career it’s not all about the technology, it’s not
about the science anymore. Now I am out there and I am in rooms with
investors who I am trying to negotiate perhaps several million pounds from, and what I present
to them, the technology has to stand up and also the whole financial plan and to reassure
them that they will get a return on their money. So I think the basis of the training
from the fellowship has given me a lot more confidence. It’s also been a great source of support and
continues to remain a great source of support to me and that there is a great network of
people that can help me to take this business forward.

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