Comer: If this were a fair trial, Trump would welcome Bolton to testify

Comer: If this were a fair trial, Trump would welcome Bolton to testify

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  1. This not trial is investigations Sir trial is by GOP where the republicans have majority. They are worry about the true

  2. It’s time to just break up america. Everybody would be so much happier. I bet if we held a referendum on breaking up the union, people would vote yes

  3. Bolton is a war hawk that got fired for being a war hawk. I don't know how "wise" it would be to bring in a disgruntled ex employee to testify.

  4. Even if Biden were guilty of conspiring w Lex Luthor to enslave mankind from the Ukraine he still wouldn't have any pertinent information on whether Trump was using the office to muscle the Ukraine into helping his personal political campaign. Witnesses need to have some involvement or knowledge of the question being presented. Or am I just going nuts?

  5. This reporters questions are stupid! Why would you want Biden to testify he is a democrat? Duh err um stupid lady,Paul Ryan wrote the questions!

  6. Trump’s kids are making tons of foreign money because of their father as well, so what does it matter what Hunter Biden did?

  7. An investigation is an INVESTIGATION. During the trial Trump will get all the representation he wants….more fairness than Clinton or Nixon got. Gosh…He can even get on the stand and testify in his own defense if he wants. The INVESTIGATORS don't have to let him run the investigation.

  8. This is a shameful performance by Congress and the Media – and a betrayal of the American people – when you realize the important issues they are ignoring: USMCA, 5G, Infrastructure, Health Care, Border Security, etc, etc.

  9. mr. president! It's a while you have not fired anyone. you proved that you are not a filthy dirty racist and so, never button our coat mr. president, never! That's key key to MAGA.

  10. I've noticed that dipshits have at least one thing in common with each other…they don't see how corrupt this impeachment is. The politicians aren't gonna dictate who our president is. We will overthrow all you idiots. Tyrant little bitches!

  11. Why the republicans want Joe Biden son to testify? This is about Donald Trump asking ukraine to help him win in 2020. When we ask other country for something in return for the help we are about to give them that something we ask it have to be something that's good only for the unite states of america. Not something that benetlfits the president it self.

  12. This entire impeachment inquiry is all political theater by the corrupt demon Democrats and media. The transcript says it all and their is no crime committed by our president. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  13. This woman commentator is not addressing a fair inquiry. Bolton and President Trump parted on unfriendly terms. what would Bolton do Praise the President?

  14. Adam Schiffe is a liar He read a version of the transcripts and added his own version of what the President said. Legally that is a lie

  15. The GOP keeps calling this a trial and it is not. Its called a investigation and I am tired of Trumps spinning the facts to suit the criminal. MATA "Make America Trumpless Again"

  16. Dear me, there seems to be a shortage of professional news people. It's not a profession anymore? It's a platform for partisans. Get rid of his clotheared bint. Fox, changing by stealth.

  17. "If this were a fair trial, we all would welcome the Whistleblower to testify". I wonder why his testi…….. Oh, he was just here to jumpstart impeachment, let the fishing continue.

  18. @1:09 when the female moderator asks why Trump doesn't want Bolton to testify – – What a ridiculous question. If John Bolton or anyone is to testify,   it takes MUCH prep time — Time is $$ — Time can be WASTED. Our country is trying to get beneficial things done, not spend our Time & Tax $$ defending against this Impeachment Propaganda-serving venture of the Dems.   This female moderator herself is a Waste of Time to even be asking such inane questions.

  19. Yes. Shifty has been talking to the reporters.. but he should be talking "under oath" as he is very good in parodies… lol

  20. As the most TRANSPARENT President in history, he should immediately allow any White House staff, including Bolton to testify to end this hoax this week and stick it to the Dems!

  21. Respectful this … DAB it's called Separation of powers …it's called protecting the Constitution DAB …. let me remind you … We the People . . establish Justice …secure the Blessings of Liberty to >ourselves< and our >Posterity< … would you like me to define Posterity for you DAB and how important it is … or maybe you should worry about who does you hair … yea I.m pissed so many WOAF&W types

  22. OMG … Hunter is a key to time line's as well Chalupa and Ohr … time lines, visits to white house, etc, etc,etc … the battle is actually already won … the ON THE CALL is solid and just another witch hunt vs those Listening to the call or hearsay is already lost ie another witch hunt … let's establish MOTIVE so it's time to bury people, get them on Congressional testimony before Real Justice Special Counsel subpoenas hit them … and these weekend Fox people get paid as reporters?

  23. She is pushy and aggressive, and doesn´t know what she thinks she knows… Thumbs down on her. There are better people to do these interviews. She´s missing the deeper bigger story, …she arrogantly poses as though her thinking is wiser than the interviewee. I find her VERY irritating and I imagine many do.

  24. Seriously "we know for a fact" … what FACT … you spoke to Adam Schiffs staff? Excuse me WERE THEY UNDER OATH when you spoke to them … how's this under these circumstances a matter critical to the security of the United States … Under Oath Mr Shiff did you follow proper procedure? Does that procedure include you must contact your counterpart in the Intel Committee?
    How about BOTH HOUSES LEADERSHIP? Was the Gang of 4 or 8 notified in this critical matter dealing with National Security? In turn and here's the kicker? Did you inform the Executive Branch of this matter critical to National Security? Because of Shiff and his witch hunt the Skiff, and the Intel Committee has been unable to conduct VITAL NORMAL BUSINESS …. should have appointed an Independent Counsel dummy

  25. Last thing … don't believe anything …. compare the Hyde Resolution which was a BIPARTISAN House Resolution HR to this Partisan "Resolution"; like I said all the "Resolution" did was legitimize Shiff's and very weakly the actions of Shiff's conduct to date in hopes that the entire fiasco would not be tossed if this gets to the Senate where the SCOTUS Chair is in attendance and the trial portion is conducted, even then it will probably get tossed

  26. The American people have not lost confidence in the impeachment hearings, but in Republicans who are turning a blind eye to a threat to our Democracy!

  27. Lady reporter, just because it’s a Schiff’s closed door witnessing, that’s why, Bolton shouldn’t testify. All the impeachment inquiry should be on the open, that’s what Republican Officials are being asking. But Schiff is cherry picking witnesses here behind doors.

  28. Wow, they boot O'Reilly, Bolling, almost judge jeanine…this is what were left with. Don't the fox execs have a clue as to what's happening to all these cowardly, weak, non-news networks?

  29. I think M. Bolton is a fair and intelligent grown man who can answer questions properly and can be honest, i would like to hear what he has to say, he have said he would like to testify if permitted by court so let him teach us if we have to learn something

  30. Behind closed doors, that tooth talking moron should just listen to herself, I believe it's a total conspiracy against all of us. This woman is a joke, pathetic reporting from very news station in US, maybe we can get some truth from the BBC or god forbid TASS

  31. Said he could take the heat when applying for the job but since then he is either the biggest liar the world has ever known or the biggest cry baby we've ever seen or both

  32. She sucks! I would like to not see her again! Thank You. BTW, whose running fox? Seems like its turning into CNN! Please, we need at least ONE form of media to be telling the NEWS, not opinion!

  33. Oh Right……, have a FIRED WAR CRIMINAL testify for you.
    Only place for BOLTON is a CAGE until he can be PUBLICLY DISEMBOWELED & QUARTERED.

  34. First he calls it a trial. Then an inquiry. It can't be both. But here's the bigger issue. Trump's team views the people who are willing to testify under oath as liars. And those unwilling to testify as truth tellers. Seems kinda backwards.

  35. And good to note that there are actually real reporters working at Fox news. Unfortunately, the trio of idiots who show up every evening carry the brunt of the BS peddling that Fox viewers get to watch every day.

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