Come To Church With Us 2018 [Harvest Christian Fellowship]

Come To Church With Us 2018  [Harvest Christian Fellowship]

you Good morning. Chill today, we are going to take you guys, along As we go to. Church i’ll take you to check we thought this would be a fun vlog as you guys can kind of see a little bit of what our church is like and What we do at church, we do stay at Like pretty much all morning on sundays, we have three services as doherty, yeah, yeah until the afternoon Because we serve and everything and rye is actually working today? Recently, he started working part-time as a ministry assistant at our church so he’s almost luck so we just pulled in This is our church? harvest christian, fellowship We do go to a very very big church so if you’re Not used to it this might be a different experience for you be a little bit of a. Culture shock for you Trying to figure out if i should, do read get the pants too or gray Lisa says red button then she goes Do red, because i’m feeling fun today it’s not a, bad thing i just like the look of it this is It look fun or cool, because there’s a difference if you, want it looks fun then They, don’t look, cool, no i met like in a cool, way it’s just this is more neutral or someone said They, look fun in a koi, okay has anyone ever experienced In the back that you know. John 3:16 that, was probably the scripture that, we first saw? We all know it even though sickler won’t know. The 3:16 a few the enzo For god so loved the world forgot so with all the lol, and Idk and all those kind of things we’re. Going to be doing ci I truly believe that people aren’t serving in the trick because they, don’t know, what it feels like right Hey once you get a taste of it it tastes so good they’ll
literally Be running back for more so let’s give them a taste of it today and let’s put jesus on and we got the worship team In here to lead us in worship so a little bit of acapella it looks, like, yeah yes It’s a windy day at choice really this lady, was walking up and she was like pellicer? So this week at our church we’re, doing this serve campaign called champion Gregg didn’t speak on it giving A message encouraging people to serve and give a little push for them to serve and we gave up the surveys When i’m gonna fill out that they can hand in and we’ll get their information and be able to contact and see where they want To, serve so it’s actually really cool to really, awesome time to be here right now, we got bullying outside that says can So it’s gonna be a really cool, experience i guess a video like I’m i’ll try to get some video of everybody responding to the pool during surfing, yeah so it should be very cool Romans 12:5 and says maybe many are one body in christ Everyone members one of another having then gifts Differing according to the grace it has given to us so let us use them think about Spiritual death and come to you as a christian Are not given on the basis of merit because you deserve them none of us deserve any of these kids watches Every life is much later now, we got done with church it’s 2:38 in the afternoon It was a crazy, day But it was good now i need, me a. Fuji apple chicken salad now i need a modern greek salad And baby’s hungry fill up you get let it come out. You but. You, okay, that’s not going in you

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  1. Totally enjoyed this! I love Pastor Greg! Listen to him every Sunday online cause it's too far to drive from South Carolina! God bless y'all!

  2. I can’t wait to visit your church ⛪ I just love Pastor Greg Laurie! 💜 I live in Arizona 😎 love you guy’s 😍❤️

  3. I’m dying at Brylan’s “PIKACHU!” in the beginning 😂 Loved this video + love you BOTH even more!

  4. I go to an low Anglican Church and whilst I do like it and the ppl there are not many ppl our age and sometimes we are torn between staying and going somewhere where we can make Christian friends with ppl our age. Sometimes I feel so lonely in my town as most of my friends are back in my home town. I also miss my mums church ( she’s pastor of a united reformed church). We went to a service there on Mothering Sunday and the children along with the children’s leaders took control of the service and it was wonderful. I miss it and my old bible study group so very much xx

  5. With so much negativity in the world ( ie school shootings) could you Please do a video on how to have faith , hope, positivity in a negative very sad world ?

  6. Great to see your Church & how you serve .In our Church in the Uk we are trying to get more people to serve , it always feels a challenge but with Gods help we always get what we need .

  7. Love all your videos. But these are my favorite… Miss the bible study videos. <3 You were right! Your church is huge compared to the one I used to attend. I think there were only about 15 ppl. God Bless <3

  8. My dream is to visit Pastor Laurie's church! I love him so much! I want to visit Shadow Mountain in San Diego too!

  9. No way it's Greg Laurie's church. So cool! I live in the uk and our church is big to. Not very common. We have 3 services and about 1,300 people can turn up on 1 sunday. That's amazing for the uk. (apart from hillsong church in london of course)

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