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Hi everyone Patrick Oborn co-founder of Telarus. I’m here with Cary Tengler executive director of the national
partner program at Comcast. I’m here in beautiful Denver, Colorado and snowy
Denver, Colorado here at the headquarters of the Comcast
business channel program. We are excited to be here. Cary to tell us a
little bit about the structural changes you guys have recently made. Well we just
recently did a reorganization of our sales team where we added 15 new inside
partner sales managers and we were privileged to have Patrick here today, talking to that team and introducing them to Telarus and all
the great stuff that’s going on from the field sales organization, to the great
back office, to the incredible technology tools that you guys have built over the
years. So we had a great reception everybody is really fired up and we’re
looking forward to getting out and working with all the Telarus sales
partners with this new team of inside partner sales managers, Comcast. I think
that the real key to that inside sales team Cary is speed. I mean these people
are at their desk all day long. We can get the pricing and everything back to
them fast, improve their chances for making a sale and make for an overall
better customer and agent experience. Yeah absolutely I mean we found the
we were just taxing our outside PSM’s so much that there were a lot of partners that
we just weren’t able to get back to so we’re really excited. We did a great job
with you guys recruiting new partners last year. This gives us an opportunity
to really engage with those partners in a meaningful way. That’s awesome and as
we head into 2019 agents be thinking about attachment rate. What are we going
to attach? We’re gonna attached managed Wi-Fi onto the coax. We’re gonna attach
auto fail over onto the coax and we’re also going to attach SD-WAN one of
the most popular products here Comcast onto those circuits so Cary thank you
for your hospitality it’s been a pleasure to be here and until next time
everybody take care.

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