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MOOCs are considered to be one of the key tools in addressing the problem of digital illiteracy and equal access to education they have also empowered universities to reposition themselves as beacons of knowledge with a greater potential impact on society as a whole but how do we really learn is learning simply attending video clips and answering multiple-choice questions as it happens in many MOOCs certainly not being able to connect and explain your ideas to others argue and criticize discuss in depth and state conclusions are all evidence of deeper learning social interaction is important for essential knowledge building and quality learning that’s why good teachers ask their students to discuss issues in-depth and teachers also intervene to trigger students to engage in what is known as productive talk sadly in a look with too many students teachers just can’t do that but someone else can do it an agent for that reason the Cole MOOC project objective is to promote learners interaction in prototype and MOOC courses by integrating in MOOC platforms a kind of conversational agent that triggers learners constructive dialogue by posing challenging questions what is important the agent behavior can be set by the MOOC teacher overall the Cole MOOC project advances learners interaction in MOOCs through teacher configurable agents and informative feedback based on learning analytics methods this is expected to not only improve learners performance but minimize the chances of dropping out of the course through stimulating stronger engagement Cole mock testbeds this agent-based approach by developing 3 prototype MOOCs for lifelong learning that will capture the interests of different target groups and develop transversal digital competencies in specific fields of learning while providing an immediate solution for digital literacy the results of the project are expected to benefit higher education institutions and empower stakeholders within the educational technology sector with new innovative tools and methodologies if you are a learner join us to enjoy a new innovative and engaging experience of learning with MOOCs if you’re a teacher join us to know how you can take advantage of setting up a smart agent to have your students engage in productive discussions join us and take advantage of today’s innovative technology to boost the education of tomorrow you

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