Collaborative consort singing (BA Music)

Collaborative consort singing (BA Music)

I’ve just done Robert Hollingworth’s Vocal
Consort module.Working with five other singers we produced a whole recital of music spanning
from 16th century up until modern day. – the module takes you through all the different
ways of tuning chords and allowing individuals to express themselves within a small consort environment. – there’s no one person that leads it so we had to really form those bonds
that meant we trust each other not just musically but in rehearsal environment, in programming
our recital, in every aspect. And putting on that performance was a really unique way
of being assessed. The department is great for hosting a multitude of different styles.
In the space of one afternoon you can walk through and hear gospel choir, a cappella groups,
chamber music, and contemporary music as well. – I sing with The 24 and the a cappella group
Vox. I also sing with the choir of York Minster. – it’s just a really flourishing environment
for those different types of singing.

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