Coffee With The Millars – Coffee Business Life Skills (PART 1)

Coffee With The Millars – Coffee Business Life Skills (PART 1)

So today, i really think that this is more important than equipment. it’s more it’s more important to talk about this than anything in the coffee business it relates to the coffee business but I think we need to discuss something that we’ve seen the last 30 years us as business owners were small business owners as well and and I think what we see on a daily basis sometimes daily sometimes weekly new customers that come to us and they don’t have the skills that they need in order to be a successful business so having said that what i see is people and I’ve got two we’ve both done it we’ve read books we watch you know infomercials on how to be successful in business we’ve all watched all that stuff and and read all that stuff and I think that what is interesting is they always give us this recipe 14 in this people that called the blueprint the blueprint or recipe of how to start a business how to be in business how to be a business person but what nobody is addressing is the actual the psyche of the person that goes into business before they start a business plan before they opened the business then once they’re in the business and we’ve all known people and you’ve seen and I’ve seen it that go into business and were like wow that person surprising that that person is going to business because i can see that they from a from a mental standpoint or or a their heart cannot is not a it’s not a it’s not a perfect you know it’s not a perfect recipe i guess you know what you’re describing is the etiquette of how to act so you can say that you want to be in business you can say that you want to be entrepreneur or you could be taking over the family business but that doesn’t mean that you’re inside ability to communicate get along accept or just simply have empathy for the other person that you’re working with is good or is even doable or workable I think there’s a lot of it just because you’re in business and just because you’re considering yourself a business owner does not mean you know how to treat people correctly exactly so i think that what we’ve encountered is some people are good at it some of them are bad at it. Some people are are really good at it how about their completely unaware and they’re unaware of it to find books that are going to tell you. How to be a happy person and have gratitude for your situation or how to treat your suppliers and your employees with respect deep respect and fairness, and how to come across so this isn’t something people don teach this primary. I mean there’s books on it, but it’s so they’re so very few of them that that really touch on how to act as a person so I think that the purpose of us talking today is to talk about the coffee business. But it’s really about business. really about business it’s really about people going into business and why they need to probably before they even do a business plan how to get right with themselves and make sure they’re mentally ready, well, or how about just becoming self aware of your own wellness because mean business is not an easy thing to do exactly it’s very hard on you and the people that you work with and there’s a lot to understand you have to have a lot of patience you have to have a lot of understanding and you have to be very very aware of everything going on around you and you can’t take out your aggressions immediately just because you’re feeling stressed, or because you’re not getting what you want how about you’re not making any money or just all the challenges of being in business there’s there’s light being an entrepreneur which is hey I have a great idea and i would like to sell it right well that is about this much of the big picture of actually doing and processing. And I and I just really think we see this all the time that people want to do something but they’re not necessarily well and you know that falls under a very large umbrella of what does well me but when you have people that are very aggressive we get there in business is that really a good combination probably not because you’re trying to communicate with people but yet you’re being too aggressive with them I’ve always said that you’re going to get more when you’re nice to people that when you’re not nice to people right like I i I’ve actually said this the customers and unfortunately I’ve had no run-ins with people were they felt like they were getting a fair treatment or I felt like they weren’t being fair and we’ve we kind of came to an impasse and it was i I actually said this to one customer a long time ago I said you know you get more more more flies with honey, than vinegar and it’s sort of like I mean that’s the you know the the age-old adage you know it but i think that what we’re finding now is that people are maybe have all the tools they’ve got all the business plans they’ve got every possible logical thing to open a business they went to business school they want the business school they got great a great espresso machine they have great coffee the great location but what they don’t have is the the tools in order to be successful in life and it isn’t just about all you need be successful with money and that’ll make you happy which is the of course we know is not actual truth no matter how much coffee you’re pushing through any place you know I think it’s safe to say that without naming names we have many customers that have a completely perfect setup right with their location or their cafe or what they’re selling or even the clientele that whining about the door but because they lack those personal skills on customer service or the people they work with lack those skills or they’re simply approaching people in the wrong way it’s not working something’s not working it’s broken there there’s a karma around what they’re doing is right is not connecting there’s a breakdown so I you know I think that we both we both in 30 years we’ve been in the business we’ve experienced a lot of business owners we sell business equipment we sell products in in any in a supply coffee to people that are in business for the first time people that are I’ve already been in business and I see it’s like it brings out the best or the worst muu you really get to understand someone’s real personality what they’re like under under pressure because when you get ready to open a business like let’s say for example a customer approaches me they have one week before they’re open it usually is like it’s pretty amazing how they’re either dealing with the stress works out dealing with the script or not deal with stress and we all we all know people that that you had to work under we’ve all had to have a job at some point your life and you’re like why is that person in charge how could that person possibly be in charge they don’t have any life skills or any personal skills that would that would be you know advantageous for them to be a boss or a business owner and it it’s almost like the business owners even though they pick to be business owners they’re not necessarily they didn’t go to school for a personality they went to school on business again go touching back on that so i think that what we’re about to really talk about is is is how to get those skills and in this is this is very very important to us as business owners of you and I have been on a search in on a journey to get enlightenment on so that we can handle our business because you know obviously having successful business it’s only half the half the recipe is that is the is the money coming in or this is and also the product that you’re selling is not even as important as the relationship that you build with them before they actually take ownership of the product right because and I don’t know if this exists in all industries but usually when a person is going to spend a substantial amount of money on a product that you sell them whether you make it or you’re reselling it to them there’s a there’s a period of time where you get to know each other you get to trust each other you tell a little bit of your back story they tell their backstory so that you can connect understand and and Trust the relationship then you go ahead and sell the product to them whatever it is right right whatever cost is going into it and if that relationship cannot be coveted at the moment it’s gonna be real hard to sell them something right and they might not it might not connect right they may not buy from you you may not be able to sell to them strictly because they can’t get along or you can’t mesh you know on a on a level of just personal person-to-person yeah personal so the I think that we’re gonna make this a two-part video so this is going to be just kind of talking about why what what is the problem and then the solution we have a solution for this where talk about this next on the next video

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  1. It's amazing how a whole channel is dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of the coffee business! As an aspiring entrepreneur this channel is a gem!

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