Coastal Now – WIPL Women in Business

Coastal Now – WIPL Women in Business

At the end of the day we’re all women and
we can all share stories that will benefit each other. It was a session to
hear from successful women business leaders. I think it’s sharing stories
that really help give us inspiration. This was a Women in Philanthropy and
Leadership or WIPL event. Among panelists brought to Coastal Carolina
University were three women who lead area chambers of commerce. Hopefully, we have some
nuggets that we can give them, some good pieces of advice we can offer. There was
value for the students who attended. The biggest thing for me would be seeing
these women who have achieved the things that I want to achieve one day. That’s
the idea, to show that success is within reach. Seeing women who have been able to
accomplish, you know, goals in their own lives is a good model for the, for the
students. I think it’s really important that women see other role models. I think
it’s also important that they hear that the path isn’t always easy. Everything
that you want is obtainable, if you’re willing to work for it. The message
resonated. The class work that needs to be done, apply myself to that, but also
treat myself to events like this, because this is what I’m gonna remember. Hosting
this sort of event ties Coastal more closely to the community, in which it
exists. It underscores that Coastal Carolina University is fabric of the
community, right, part and parcel of everything we’re doing.
WIPL’s 10th annual Women’s Leadership Conference is scheduled for February
10th and 11th.

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