Coastal Now – Teaching Fellows in New York

Coastal Now – Teaching Fellows in New York

During each year of the program, Teaching
Fellows at Coastal Carolina University focus on something different.
The Junior Experience is a way for students to learn more about cultural
experiences. This session was part of that experience. It’s just gonna help us
become better future teacher leaders. The Teaching Fellows heard from four Coastal
Carolina alumni. Being exposed to all this has really, again, it’s eye-opening
and it’s, you know, a great opportunity. What was special about this session was
that it took place in New York City. The main reason for coming here was to go
into a couple of schools. New York City schools, public schools, have very unique
progressive education models, which are very different.
Experiencing various methods of teaching allows the Fellows to figure out how
they will conduct things, when they get their own classrooms. I’m really thankful
that I’ve been able to come here and see all these different methods and
different schools. I feel like it’s gonna help me distinguish what my students
need in the classroom. Since the Teaching Fellows are already
regularly in local schools, they can quickly put what they learned into
practice. It’s good to take that back and know that I can apply that in a way that
still is appropriate for Horry County Schools. Teachers who are already working,
know the value of being exposed to a variety of teaching methods. The more
experiences you have, the more you’ll know how to take on a situation. Kelly
Chaze was on the Alumni panel in New York. She graduated just prior to the
Teaching Fellows program starting in 2015. She is impressed with what is
available to the students. Look where they are, they’re in New York. Coastal
gives their students opportunities to branch out and see the world. Kelly knows
all about those opportunities, even outside the Teaching Fellows program.
Coastal prepared me in so many different ways, just, it really made me learn what
you put in is what you get out. Time in the profession has only served to
convince her more of the value of going to Coastal. I know I could go
anywhere with my degree from Coastal. The Alumni panel and the
time in New York City schools all combined to increase the Teaching
Fellows enthusiasm. It’s just setting us all on fire to go back and make changes
in our schools that we’re in. I’m excited to be able to bring that all back with
me and keep that in the back of my head as I continue on with my undergrad. Two hundred
students are accepted each year into South Carolina’s, General Assembly funded
Teaching Fellows program. It provides up to $24,000 in funding over four
years for each student. The state asks for each year that they received a
fellowship that they’re going to teach in South Carolina for one year to repay
that, that fellowship. Landing a Teaching Fellow spot has been quite beneficial
for Kira Hamilton, who will use her History degree to teach. Most History
majors, they don’t see the inside of a classroom until they’re in the M.A.T.
program, so as a Teaching Fellow I got to start in the classroom my freshman year.
Students give the Teaching Fellows program credit for all sorts of things.
To be quite frank, I was a person in their shell before I came to Coastal and
got Teaching Fellows, but they have pushed me out of my shell. Once selected
as a Teaching Fellow, students can choose from ten schools to attend, Coastal being
one of those. CCU feels that is an attractive choice. We offer so many
opportunities and professional development for our Teaching Fellows.
Bringing the juniors in the program to New York each year, can certainly set
Coastal apart.

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