Co-Workers Ask Each Other Embarrassing Questions

Co-Workers Ask Each Other Embarrassing Questions

– No matter what you say here, buddy, it’s only gonna end up on the internet. – Ah, that’s true. (whoosh) (creaking) (cheerful rock music) – It’s like you think you know someone, but when you’re put in this position you don’t know what could
slip through the cracks. – I’ve probably spoken to you five times. (laughs) – I feel like you could
potentially have a lot of secrets. – I’m a little scared,
but if I were to feel like this with anybody,
it would be Kelsey. – It’s gonna be awkward at
work tomorrow, but bring it on. (suspenseful piano music) – What music are you
listening to right now that you’re most embarrassed about? – Justin Bieber got, he has
a fuckin’ track on him, dog. He has a hit. – So, what is the most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on? – I was working at a movie
theater and he asked me out. So I went on the date and I brought a friend ’cause I didn’t wanna– – You brought a friend to your date? – Yes. I didn’t wanna go on a
date with a stranger. – Have you had a stalking moment recently that you’re really embarrassed to admit? – I guess Facebook a little while ago had changed its platform or its way that it looked, and I
was a little confused, and I was trying to look up a few of my exes in the search thing and I kept pressing enter and it
wasn’t doing anything. – Oh god. – So I kept goin’, I kept goin’, I kept going and then five minutes later my roommate texts me and says, I’m just gonna make up
a name, she was like, “Why is John Smith on your
Facebook status 25 times?” – Oh my god. – Who’s your biggest crush at the office? – Ooh, that’s probably not a good sign. – You can whisper it to me. – With this mic. (laughs) – You could mess up your mic. This is what I always do. (mic rubbing) (screams) – Beautiful, beautiful. – She is fine. (cheerful guitar music) – It’s intimate, so I do feel closer. – We’re gonna do this
every day at lunch now. – Yeah. – You’re dope. I love you, I have love for you. – Yeah, man. – Yeah. – I feel like everyone should
do this with their coworkers. – Yes. – It’s a good bonding
experience for the office. – Would you ever cuddle with a guy? – For sure I would. – Really? – Yeah. – Have you done it before? – No, I don’t think so. I remember my dad. – You cuddle with your dad? – I mean, I did, I don’t do it now. (whoosh) (creaking)

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  1. Yeah what was that, we basically just saw a bunch of cuts of the tiniest bits of information. In one instance, you literally filmed people whispering to each other as if to mock the audience. Pretty lame buzz.

  2. The girl with the funny facebook incident has the best stories! There was the one with a dead carcass that had me laughing so much!

  3. When you realize that the blonde woman was currently going through loosing her hair and having to take shots, and that she's still happy and you kind of feel guilty about crying over falling down.

  4. Close officemates sharing personal information to…everyone on the internet
    'Officemate is a dying word in my dialect of English'
    Works of American entertainment replacing it with co-worker
    Old workers can still be heard saying that
    Right at this moment,I'm eating ice cream because it is hot in my country!

  5. Another video like this, please!!!! Except, all questions must be answered this time…ehheemm ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. The little blonde woman needs to rethink her false eyelashes. It looks like they came to life and started to walk off.

  7. If this was Australia, people would not make eye contact and just be naturally awkward. Here, they seemed pretty comfortable with each other.

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