[CME] Zhao FeiYan ~ Elsy Animetronik

[CME] Zhao FeiYan ~ Elsy Animetronik

[The rain finally stopped. It’s cool un the autunum ad you’re leisurely enjoying the beautiful weather.] (I’ve heard that a dashing beauty recently moved into the princess Palace…) [You have nothing to do this day and decided to go and take a look.] [The sound of Guqin rses, somek form incense swirls and its fragance lingers… Suddenly a beauty appears and starts to dance, which makes you feel obsessed.] Her long sleeves swirl the incecnse smoke, like a flower in the midst of a thin fog. *Smiles* Can you find me, Your Majesty? [You couldn’t see her clearly, and she soon disappeares again in the smoke, with just the sliping through your hand…] Hah, You sing like a nigthingale and dance like a swallow… That’s fascinating! Come and let me have a closer look~ [The beauty lies in your arms before you finish your words, pantng slightly…] Did you like my dance, Your Majesty? I truly loved it! Graceful and charming like a fairy~ *Touching your face gently* I guess you have said this to many girls, right? I haven different feeling for you. Really? What’s the difference then? I’m addictedd to you. *Enchanting* Can you promise me one thing, Your Majesty? *Enchanting* Can you promise me one thing, Your Majesty?
Answers: “Yes, of curse.” or “Justa say it ✓” What do you want? *Staring at you with her bright eyes* I want the stars form the sky~ Haha, I’ll get that for you! For the rest of my life, I’ll givve you… *Covers your mouth gently and smiles* No, I just want to dance only for you for the rest of my life. You will never be bored with my dancing, your majesty. This life:
Zhao FeiYan dances like a delicate butterfly. She Wishes to dance and dazzle her smile just for you. Previous life:
GongSun Liang
Know for hiis mastery of tranverse flute, he is an unruly an with a strong sense of justice, whose martial arts are so high that there are few rivals in the world.

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