[CME] XianRui |Consorte N0. 3| ~ Elsy Animetronik

[CME] XianRui |Consorte N0. 3| ~ Elsy Animetronik

[You go to the Jianghuai region to investigate the people’s living conditions. However, unexpectedly, it starts to rain on the way, so you and the group hurriedly go into a small building… You brush off the rainwater on your clothes and suddenly find a girl standing quietly beside you… She’s about eighteen or nineteen years old, fair-skinned, beautiful and elegant.] *Brushing the rainwater off your clothes* You look so happy right now, so I guess you’ve been waiting a long time for the rain. Look at the rain, it’s like numerous strings playing an ever-changing melody. Do you have the same feeling? Do you enjoy the rain like I do? Do you have the same feeling? Do you enjoy the rain like I do?
Answers: “Yes, like it ✓” or “No, I don’t like the rain” Raindrops in the spring can hardly wet you clothes, and the breeze caresses your cheek. The rain and breeze in the spring are always refreshing! *Chuckles* Such a wonderful poem~ I really that you’re good looking and refined. Would you like to take a walk with me in the rain, enjoying the breeze and drizzle of spring~ I cannot imagine a day without you, Your Majesty. This life: XianRui
XianRui, sister of Lokondo, is the most talent lady of the Eigth Banners.
She believes only you can understand every word of her poetry. Previous life: Han ZiGao
A gentleman scholar with humility and vision. A regular ray of sunshine who stays faithful and true to you.

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