[CME] Sisi |Consorte N0. 4| ~ Elsy Animetronik

[CME] Sisi |Consorte N0. 4| ~ Elsy Animetronik

[In the middle of July, you spend a holiday in a mountain resort, and when you pass through the forest. You really enjoyed the lush trees with their drifting fragances, so you want to take a walk around alone. It is not entirely silent in the mountain, though it’s quiet, you hear the sound of a waterfall after a few steps. You gradually go deeper into the forest… Within the forest, you find a lake hidden in the mountain… and a lady sits on a rock, singing beautiful songs…] *Humming* The old days have gone, leaving only the sounds of the bell and drum at dusk. *Humming* The old days have gone, leaving only the sounds of the bell and drum at dusk.
Answers: “Step forward ✓” or “Ignore” [You step forward slowly and the lady suddenly looks back at you. She and you look at each other. You find her very graceful and charming with fair skin, which makes you fall in love with her first sight…] *Softly* Why are you here in this remote forest? I was just passing by and attracted here by your beautiful songs. I apologize if I have bothered you. *Snickers* I’m flattered. Thank you. *Turns around* It’s just you’re the third person to say this today. Do you think I look beautiful, Your Majesty? This life: Sisi
Sisi is the most beautiful girl born and raised in Jianghuai.
Alluring and proficient in the arts from zither to painting. Previous life: Hong Rim
A handsome devil who thinks you’re the most beautiful creature in the world and adores you in secret.

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