[CME] Mayra |Consorte N0. 8|~ Elsy Animetronik

[CME] Mayra |Consorte N0. 8|~ Elsy Animetronik

[In July, a delegation from the western regions pay respect to your Imperial Court, so you give a banquet to host the guests At the banquet, the Princess from the Western Regions says to you] It would be a pity if there’s no singing and dancing at today’s banquet, Your Majesty, please allow Mayra to dance for you. Huh, It is said that women from the Western Regions are good at singing and dancing. I guess I can finally see it form my self today! [After a moment, Mayra walks slowly towards the middle of the hall with her feet bare and with tiny silver bells around her waist The musicians started to play and Mayra danced with the rhythm of Huqin, with bells on her wrists ringing like raindrops With the gentle song and refined dancing, the audience quickly becomes immersed in the exotic performance… *Smiles* Do you like it, Your Majesty? *Smiles* Do you like it, Your Majesty?
Answers: “Confess! ✓” or “Praise” You danced so beautifully, Myra and you’ve truly won my heart! I’m afraid that you’re the only person in the world who can lug at my heartstrings with dance If Your Majesty likes it, I will dance everyday only for you. Would you enjoy a pleasant stroll on this beautiful day with me Your Majesty. This life: Mayra
Mayra is the Princess of a western state.
She’s full of mystique and passion, with eyes that intoxicate like wine. Previous life: Batu
Born a desert nomad with the brutal honesty to match.
Treats other with optimism and kindness, but resembles a dictator with the one he loves.

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