Clifford D. Clark Fellowship: Enhancing Academic Experiences

Clifford D. Clark Fellowship: Enhancing Academic Experiences

Knowing that I got the Clark Fellowship, I
was extremely happy. I thought it was great. The funding that they provide is actually
enough money that I do not have to worry about taking out loans or worry about trying to
find a part-time or full-time job. So then that allows me a lot more time to do my research
and focus on my own studies. So the Clark’s given me a lot of free time
that I have been able to really turn into productive time. That might have otherwise
been taken up by TA duties or teaching duties. I think the Clark Fellowship has helped me
in a number of ways. They provide workshops. Creating a teaching philosophy. Having the resources that I can talk to other
people. Publishing in your field to applying for fellowships
and grants in your field. As a Clark you have the opportunity to apply
for the Clark travel grant whenever I have an upcoming for a conference or workshop. They provide opportunities for students to
network to help them get adjusted to being in graduate school. Another aspect is being part of this group
there is solidarity. I think that makes me overall a better graduate
student and thus a better scholar in my field. Even though the focus is on graduate scholars
or diversity scholars this is an inclusive program that reaches out to all graduate students
and the goal is to enhance their academic experiences here at Binghamton to enable them
to grow professionally. And also the connections, I am also a part
of the National Association for Chicano Studies, and there was a nice moment last year when
I was e-mailing with an organizer of the Conference, she notice my e-mail signature that says Clifford
D. Clark Fellow and she apparently years back was also a Clark Fellow here and she said
that it was, in hindsight it was really great for her it gave her a lot of access afterwards. I think it was a privilege to definitely to
have been here and to have been a part of this program. It really helped me. Without
it I don’t think it would have been possible.

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