Client Story: Lamp Consortium – Martin Ramsay

Client Story: Lamp Consortium – Martin Ramsay

My name is Martin Ramsay, I am the managing director of CEATH company. One of the things that we do is we manage the LAMP Consortium. LAMP is a group of 25 colleges and universities, very diverse in their makeup and we are always looking for ways to improve the offerings to our members so that we can make things better. That’s where Warpwire came in, we wanted to improve what we could do with video and we found Warpwire. And so the Warpwire folks understood where we were coming from. We’ve got 25 different institutions, each with their own needs, each with their own special configurations, how could we make that easy to do? And so Warpwire gave us basically a set amount of bandwidth, a set amount of storage for each member institution who wanted to use Warpwire. It just made it so easy. I mean it was so understandable, and we just put it in place and it took off. We tried some of the big names, we looked at some of the big names that probably people are very familiar with. Frankly we couldn’t afford them. They were just way too expensive, and on top of that, they were clunky, they didn’t interface well. We were looking for something that was just a seamless fit into our instance of Sakai that everybody could use – and almost instinctively, intuitively, know how to use it. Well, that was where Warpwire came in. It ended up – the bulk of what Warpwire does, is a single little button within our rich text editor. Click on that button and it’s kind of obvious what you do. You can upload video, you can let this video be displayed. Think about that in contrast to how we had been doing it in the past. For example, a faculty member would try YouTube. Ok, well, YouTube works, the price is right, it’s free, but have you ever tried to integrate YouTube videos into a class? That’s really really hard. You have to deal with the embed codes and so forth. And on top of that now it’s out there and you’ve lost all control of the intellectual property, you have no idea who’s actually watching it, what they’re doing with it. There’s just all these problems with that approach. Warpwire just solved all that. And yes, we started out with Warpwire as our vendor, but I would say that Warpwire is now our trusted friend. When we have a video issue, a media issue, Warpwire is the folks that we turn to, because they’ll have a good answer for us. They’ll have thought it through in a careful way, that understands our situation, and what would work best for us. if you’re looking for a video solution, that integrates well, with a company that will really work hard to understand you and where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to do, you really couldn’t do any better than Warpwire. I mean, Warpwire is, I can’t recommend Warpwire enough. It sounds like I’m doing a commercial, but I’m really not. It’s just been that good for us. We’ve just been so happy that if anyone asks me I say “you need to look at Warpwire.”

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