Cleaning Business Automation – Is It Right For Your Business? (Part 3)

Cleaning Business Automation –  Is It Right For Your Business? (Part 3)

Cleaning Business Automation, is it Right
For Your Business? Part 3 Hi, I’m Lisa Macqueen, and I’m from Cleaning
Marketer, and today, I’m going to be sharing with you 2 more key indicators that will tell
you whether or not your cleaning business is ready for automation. So what are the indicators? We’ve already
talked about things that you do over and over again, and things that you do more than 3
times per day, but there are so many other things that will indicate to you if your business
is ready to go to that next level and make that investment, because that’s what it is,
an investment in your business. So when you’re looking at whether or not your
business is the right size to take it up to an automation system, whatever that system
may be, you’re going to be looking for a couple of indicators, and one of those indicators
is things like, do you have a website, because with a website, you drive traffic to your
website so that people will see your business and then you have a way where you can capture
their details, and those details that you capture, which would be their name and their
email and maybe some more details depending on your website, those details would go straight
into your automation system or your CRM system.. Now, by having that information in there,
it enables you to then start building a relationship with those prospects, irrespective of whether
they’re ready to buy or not, and remember we talked about that in Video number 1. So, for example, if you put an ad on Google
Adwords and you’re driving traffic or ads, to your website, and they see what you can
do and they like the look of you, they need to be able to opt-in, and opting in is where
they give you their name and their email address. Now those details become critical to you as
a business owner because as time progresses, you can be sending them emails, you can be
following up with them, in a very natural and authentic way, so that when the prospect
is ready to buy, you are the company that is ideally positioned, because you’ve been
keeping in touch with them, you’ve been keeping them updated with what you do, maybe educating
them along the way, showing them offers from time to time. Now, if you’re not doing any of this in your
cleaning business, you will not be able to scale your business. You’ll get to a certain
level, and then you won’t be able to grow it any further because you’re doing everything
yourself, and whilst that might work for a lot of people, if you are wanting to grow
the business so that you can have the lifestyle of your dreams or, you can have longer vacations,
or you can send your children to private school, then you really need to start looking at how
you can achieve those goals and what are the best tools to get that done. So if you feel if that’s where you are right
now, and you do want to make those changes within your business, head on over to,
and there you will find a community of likeminded cleaning business owners, just like you, they
want to attract more clients, make more sales, and keep their clients longer. My name’s Lisa Macqueen, we’d love to come
and have you join our community, thank you so much for listening, and I’ll see you soon.

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