Classic Beverage TV – Spider Bite Beer Co. – Straight C’s and C+’s

Classic Beverage TV – Spider Bite Beer Co. – Straight C’s and C+’s

Hey guys thanks for tuning into Classic
Beverage Television. Today we’re going to check out Spider Bite Brewing Company in
Holbrook to check out the latest in their straight series. Hi welcome to Spider
Bite. We were founded in 2011 and just celebrated our eighth anniversary. So the
straight series is an IPA. We originally had other IPAs that we couldn’t get the
hops anymore and so we realized getting locked into certain hops can make things
difficult. So we decided we would do a new series where the hops were always
changing. I would do single letters almost like a report card. So we did
straight A’s, straight B’s, and now we’re on to
straight C’s. Straight C’s is all old-school hops, Cascades Centennial, Chinook,
and Columbus. Those are the hops that decades ago start making IPAs super
popular, especially on the west coast and then C+ is the newer strain
it’s Citra, Cashmere, Comet, so you definitely get a different flavor and
aroma profile and then Plus is also a higher ABV closer to a double IPA.
So the C’s are gonna have some citrus some floral and some pine and then C+
it’s definitely more grapefruit. You get a big grapefruit nose and flavor, even
grapefruit rind and pith. It is a little darker and that’s because we add some
crystal malts just to give a little sweetness to counteract to the higher ABV. Thanks guys for watching Classic Beverage Television stop in today and
pick up some of Spider Bites Straight C’s and C+’s.

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