a lovley lady (music) (music) (music) you lames are wierd you ****** look like agwanas trap hot like asana chains wet like some water all your shooters get shootum you better get run up i might call up on casta they better pick them up in a rover beats so California pull up to California and my chick looking forign shut tayler in jordens on my whip like im surving i just jump you a survent i do what i want and you cant tell me what to do twif burns go like zoo snake right out the zoo (shouting cj) bake you like a spoon hickory dickory dock i put diamonds on my watch baking money i cant stop diamonds is trippin you might need a mop pass what is tated cause i hyland hop she said were your roof at i said its a droptop i said were your man at and she said wha wha went to the navy now my life presidential 33 case spent it all on my dental 2019 and this ain’t no rental don’t try to play me you know i’m born in the 80’s might take you lady and give her my babies you know i’m playing listen to what i’m sayin i am the man counting up houndred grand who is the fans i’m pull up sprinting in vans i pull up in the club and might shake up my school kids go ah ah aha aha aha ha aha aha aha aha aha aha ah her best friend go aha aha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha now watch the money go ahah ahha ha ahaha ha ah all my ladies go ha aha haha ahah aha aha aha ah aha now all my fellows go go go go go go go go all my ladies go go go go go go go go now all my fellows go go go go go go go go now watch the money go ahahaha hah ahah ah aha haha hah ahahah ahhahaah ah (crowd rounting cj) (music)

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