Ciara Is Headed To Harvard Business School | Billboard News

Ciara Is Headed To Harvard Business School | Billboard News

Ciara is about to be one-two stepping through the halls of Harvard. On Monday, the singer took to Instagram to celebrate her acceptance into Harvard University’s Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports program. She captioned a photo of herself wearing the university’s crimson H, “I always dreamt of going to college, but by God’s grace, my music career took me on a path that I’m so thankful for. This week I got accepted into Harvard! Words cannot describe my excitement!” According to the prestigious Ivy League school’s website, the 3-day course will examine best practices and winning strategies in the worlds of film, television, publishing, music, and sports. And with the 2017 launch of Beauty Marks Entertainment, it’s clear the 33-year-old only wants to continue leveling up. When talking about what it’s like being her own boss, back in February Ciara told ‘Billboard,’ Ciara released her 2018 single “Level Up” through Beauty Marks Entertainment. And her latest album, also named ‘Beauty Marks,’ is her first under the new company. For more on this story, head to And until next time, for Billboard News, I’m Jordyn Rolling.

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  1. Proud of you Ciara! You have come a long way and this is a powerful arsonal tool for your resume…Congrats!

  2. 素晴らしい!元から好きだったけどもっと好きになった。日本のハーフタレントは見習え。

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