Churchill Fellowship Application Overview

Churchill Fellowship Application Overview

It’s often said that a Churchill Fellowship will open doors the brand has prestige and recognition all around the world and that gives people the opportunity to meet people and develop networks that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to do! Churchill Fellowships were established in 1965 with the main intention of providing Australians from all walks of life the opportunity to travel overseas to learn new things that they can bring back to Australia for the betterment of our society The Churchill Fellowship will allow you to travel overseas to meet with other people to observe, to research, to investigate… To be eligible for a Churchill fellowship you need to be an Australian citizen aged 18+ A Fellowship can’t be part of formal tertiary studies So if you’re completing a masters or a doctorate then a Churchill Fellowship isn’t for you if it’s on the same topic We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders People with disabilities, people from non-english speaking backgrounds or culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds We really want to see people from everywhere across Australia applying for this One of the things that I think is really exciting about a Churchill fellowship that makes it quite different from other similar fellowships and scholarships is that the topic is unlimited and we don’t put restrictions on how you go about creating your project So it’s really up to you and the kinds of people that you can meet overseas to design your own project So initially we require you to fill out an online application form which isn’t particularly onerous but you do need to put a lot of thought into demonstrating your project and why it’s important Read the whole application form, understand what it is that we’re looking for what it is about the project we want to see, what it is about the itinerary that you need to be very clear on In the application you’ll be asked to demonstrate how you’re going to share your findings when you get back because that is inherent in a Churchill Fellowship and so you need to think about whether or not you will be presenting at conferences, what kind of professional or other networks you have you might teach classes in a certain topic – those sorts of things are quite important in showing the panel that you’re able to share that knowledge and disseminate your findings and have an impact when you get back to Australia One of the things that you need to think carefully about when applying for a Churchill Fellowship are your references We require one professional reference and one project reference The professional reference should come from someone who can talk about you the person how you’ll do something with this opportunity and that might be through your passion, your experience, your dedication A project reference should come from someone who can speak with authority about the particular topic or the issue that you’re proposing to research with your Fellowship It’s really important when you apply for a Fellowship that you can demonstrate a need for the work or the research that you’re going to undertake and in doing that what you need to be able to do is convince a selection panel that you’ve really researched an issue within Australia and taken it as far as you can The kind of attributes or characteristics that people are looking for when selecting a Churchill Fellow aren’t homogenous but certainly one of the things that comes through time again is passion If you can demonstrate passion personally for the project or the issue that you’re pursuing that’s going to go a long way towards helping you get a Churchill Fellowship Many people find interviews a little daunting, they’re all friendly people – they’re just there wanting to find out more about your project – so go in keeping that in mind, they’re there to listen to you they’re interested in what you have to say and they’re quite excited by what they’re going to hear The Churchill Trust will travel around Australia particularly to the capital cities but we do try and go to regional areas as well Churchill Fellows will attend to talk about their Fellowship experience – how they travelled what they learnt and some tips for people, what they’ve done with their Fellowship since they’ve returned If you’re thinking about applying for a Churchill fellowship but you’re not sure if you’re ready I say have a go, look at the application form and think about it, if you decide that you’re not ready that’s okay you might be ready in a couple of years
but importantly have a think about people you know We want people to apply for the Churchill Fellowship it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and the more people you tell about the opportunity the more success we can encourage across Australia

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  1. When I went to the information session in Adelaide I was really struck by the warmth and friendliness and the assurance that "you too can do this". Adam's overview in this video has enhanced that sense of can do, particularly his reference to the significance of having "passion" for our projects.
    Thanks for this video it has been both informative and affirmative, especially the section about the referees.

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