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My wife and I were very young early twenties when we had began to realize that there wasn’t any hope for our marriage or for me to quit the drinking and the drug use that I was so heavily involved in. Hi, I’m Dave Szczepanski I Pastor The Door Christian Church here in Jacksonville North Carolina and my wife and I moved here 24 years ago last february and with our family three sons and came from Southern California we’ve been Pastoring there for a while I wasn’t always a Christian though I was religious we believed in God had a Catholic background and upbringing in my early life and yet i never seem to come into what i needed to set me free change me from the problems and the habits i develop. I had been raised believing in God but never knew the power of God and what I found was after a conversion experience age 22 gave my life over to Christ. Found his transforming power filled with his spirit so changed us saved our marriage habits and sinful issues that no religion could help a man with no program could changed man the condition issues and situations we lived in and habits we had. Nothing was an answer for us till we turned our lives over to Christ and what a radical change being born again being converted surrendering a heart to Christ can bring. So out of that God put in our hearts the vision the purpose this church, the vision for ministry, the calling to ministry and we begin to invest our lives in that yield our lives to that and now we have had the blessed privilege of Pastoring here for over two decades and i’d like to share with you a little bit about our church. It’s a wonderful church filled with people have the same similar testimony a life changed by the power and the grace of God and a life filled with victory and hope and the people that have a passion to share that with anyone and everyone they can and so we want to invite you to come to a church thats alive a church that believes the word a church where the Holy Spirit in God’s power is very present and operates within our midst. We want to invite you to that come see what we have to offer come enjoy yourself in the congregation decent wonderful people sinners saved by the Grace of God men and women who love the Lord love each other and love mankind come visit us and experience Christ with us!

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