Chubby VS Skinny: What girls are popular in Japan?

Chubby VS Skinny: What girls are popular in Japan?

I think chubby people are cute I personally prefer super skinny Anime characters are super skinny. That’s a bit influence Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese. Chubby VS VERY skinny this time we’re gonna go and ask Japanese people what they are more into and what they think is popular with the other gender. So that will be an interesting one. Let’s find out. Don’t forget beforehand hit the subscribtion button if you haven’t already. Give the notification bell a ring and give us a big like. So let’s go and find out more about chubby vs skinny culture here in Japan and ask Japanese. A bit chubby or super skinny, what is cute to you? A bit chubby is cute I think. – Why? I heard boys want a little bit of softness when they hug a girl cause boys here are generally skinny. They want the softness they don’t have. What do you think about that? I think skinny girls are cuter. When we say “She’s cute” we only say that about models and celebs. Boys won’t have to be embarrassed Embarrassed? – They want a girl that looks cute next to them I think. – So skinny girls look better? I think so. – What body type do you want yourself? – Just skinny I want to loose weight. – You ARE skinny. – No. I have muscles…. I admire the super skinny models. – You’re not allowed muscles? Muscles are ok but there are limits to how many Ladylike girls only seem to be slender, without muscles. When editing a photo everyone edits their photos just to look skinny right? Nobody edits their photos to look chubby. – If the boy is skinnier than me, I’d worry that I am too big That’s a problem. – You’d worry. – Yeah just taking pictures I’d think “I am too big. I need to lose weight.” I know that some people might still think that’s cute nevertheless I am one of those. Girls should not worry that much. Live more freely! – Like that. Have you heard of the word “chubby” – No. – It means podgy I see. – Overly skinny or chubby what’s cute to you? Cute? Well maybe chubby then. – Why? If girls are too skinny, I worry about their health. I’d rather have them eat food and be happy. The people with them enjoy that more I think. When both have fun eating. So chubby is cute I think. – What about boys then? – What? Skinny… no chubby I think somewhere there for boys. Haha. – Getting embraced by that warmth My view. – More body means more reliable. They won’t break easy I see. – If they are too skinny, you’re scared of breaking them? Would you date a chubby boy or would you not? – Once I fall for him it’s ok If I fall for him. – I don’t worry so much about the weight. – We are currently asking what you think Japanese boys like. – Chubby Japanese girls think being skinny is better but boys seem to like girls with a little chubbiness is what I have heard. – All our models are super skinny in general. So I vote skinny. Living as girl in Japan, being skinny or chubby what is harder in Japan? – Super skinny I want to diet right now, but I lose to my appetite Haha – So super skinny is your ideal? It is. – You say chubby girls are cute but you want to be super skinny? Why? – My favorite clothes are meant to be work in layers. So being skinny is better. That’s why. – I also think being skinny is better So you’re ok with chubby girls around, but you don’t wanna be? Yeah. Chubby. Japanese boys like a bit chubby girls. – I’ve heard that. Why? There has to be some meat… or we worry about the girls health. If there is some meat… we know she’s ok. – Healthy? – Yes It depends on HOW skinny. The ones that look like they might break are worry-some. But just super chubby is also not good No way. But boys can be chubby though. If boys are too skinny I can’t rely on them. – How so? They seem to be too female, and might not protect you properly They look like they’s run away soon. – Girls seem to want to be skinny but want others to be chubby? Why? – Think of it like a girl. If you are not confident in your body you are harder on yourself. If a girl has a cute face, she might have confidence. If she doesn’t have that either she won’t have confidence in her weight, her personality and other things. Personally….. I think girls be better chubby than skinny. Why so? – I think that fluffyness is cute. I think girls don’t have to be THAT skinny. Chubby or soft girls are cuter. – Yet you chose skinny Why? Whatever clothes you wear you’ll look pretty I like skinny girls personally more. All my favorite celebs are super skinny. It’s cute. I think. – What’s hard about being either in in Japan? – The type of clothes to wear are limited. I feel sorry about chubby girls. The waist and such…. won’t fit if you are too chubby. You can’t wear what you want to wear anymore. – Also those common one-size-fits-all in Japan – Yeah Skinny girls can get hurt easier, when stumbling breaking bones easier. Getting called a skeleton. So do Japanese girls want to diet a lot? My classmates are generally dieting all the time. “If I ate that I would get fat” they say and eat with caution. What do you want to be? – I want to be skinny then Why did you change your type? – I personally want to be skinny. But I like looking at chubby girls and think they are cute. But I want to be skinny. Why so? – I want to wear cute clothes and be called “skinny” or slender. I want to loose weight. Being skinny looks pretty. Being chubby is easy. Being skinny is hard. I want to be the type of super skinny that we admire. If we say “cute” then I think instead of super skinny, chubby has a cute roundness to it. – So what does a boy say? – The same. A healthy body. Why do Japanese diet so much then? – Japanese people have a stigma against people who are too fat. It’s not just about loosing weight but also… depending on how you gain weight, your skin might look bad And our models are our role models. Anime characters are all skinny. That influences people In Anime right now, all girls are only super skinny. We all think that’s what everyone likes though that. I personally think chubby is cute but in real life, others all like skinny girls Come on what’s cute, chubby or skinny? Super skinny. Why so? – Japanese models are incredibly skinny. I look at them and think they look cute. So super skinny is better I think. – Your ideal – I don’t wanna be THAT skinny. – No? Yeah. – Why not? – It’s unhealthy. You’d look like you break your bones. – Too skinny… might be too much. But if I was chubby I’d want to lose weight
You’d look like you break your bones. – Too skinny… might be too much. But if I was chubby I’d want to lose weight and try that. But that is hard too. But yet chubby is ok. – Would you get called out for having gained weight in Japan? – Not really but they would all THINK that. They won’t say it… If you were skinny your friends might praise you for it. But boys might like a bit of meat depending on. They don’t want the girls too skinny Why does everyone want to be skinny then? – For my own sake I want to be skinny and slender. But with boys being a bit more chubby is ok. – Those are our questions. Now, one thing I need to say straight away before we continue this discussion is that what is seen as “chubby” in Japan is not necessarily the same as “chubby” in your country. Do not be fooled. Many girls said “a little bit of chubby is fine” it’s still very different from what is chubby in other countries. As an example… when I was in Germany I was seen as normal weight. When I was in the UK people told me I was skinny for the 1st time in my life. When I came to Japan for the 1st time in my life people told me I was fast. Depending on the culture you body type will be seen as something else. So in Japan because the average Japanese person is very skinny, what is seen as chubby there might still be skinny in your country. There are different body types, a different starting ground from the start Generally curvy hips and such are not a thing here in Japan we barely see those. There still is a very big skinny culture in Japan and I see a lot of girls suffer from that because many are constantly dieting or trying to lose weight or not eating what they want to eat. It makes me kind of sad. I’ve seen a couple of models on instagram posting how they would love to eat something but won’t let themselves. And that is very sad. I think most important is that we’re healthy don’t listen to what other people are saying. Like I said it’s culture standards They are completely different in every country. Sport and healthy eating is generally good for everyone. But hungering yourself and making yourself sick, not good Also surprisingly many said that girls want to be more skinny than what the guys would like them to be. Another thing we should think about On that note what is your opinion? Chubby vs very skinny? Let us know in the comments down below. If you have not subscribed yet, please subscribe also don’t forget to give the notification bell another ring and give us a big like on the way out Hope you enjoyed this. This was CathyCat on Ask Japanese. I hope I catch you soon for another video from Tokyo. Bye.

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  1. Hi Cathy Cat, will you make videos about foreign animated medias that inspired from animes? Such as Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham, Winx Club, Avatar, RWBY, etc? Like your opinion or Japanese people's opinion on foreign animated medias that inspired from animes? I'm wondering what Japaneses think about Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir since the creator said that he was inspired from Magical Girl animes. Thanks

  2. Hi Cathy, can you make this video topic in the future like this? Do Japanese people prefer to watch Hollywood or other foreign movies or shows with subtitles or dub? I heard in Japan most of Hollywood or foreign movies or shows in there are dubbed. One of my friend said that the reason why many Japaneses were not good in English or other foreign languages coz most of foreign movies or shows in there are dubbed, unlike in their neighbors South Korea when almost every foreign medias in SK are subtitled which is why many people said that South Koreans had better English skill than their neighbors the Japaneses, thanks

  3. I'm sure that when you reach 40 years old you have to take a yearly weight test. Might be 30 actually. Can't remember the exact age.
    But it's skinny for me. I don't really find chuby girls attractive, personally.

  4. a.) i dont think its bad to revisit same topics because they are street interviews and views change culturally over time. like "which bands are you listening to" if you ask me one year ago would be slightly different.
    b.) i think healthy looks best. healthy diet & lifestyle is important to me (i do not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol and i eat raw vegan diet) so i am attracted to people who seem to reflect similar lifestyle. we may have more in common.
    c.) music questions would interest me. what music do you like? do you listen to western music? do you like reggae? is rock music popular in Japan?

  5. thicc is ideal. for both health and looks. in japanese anime they are always showing thicc girls, that is what they like.

  6. I remember going into a Banana Republic in Japan and quickly realizing the largest size their clothes go to is a medium or an American 8. Plenty of XXS though.

  7. Backing up cathycat here. I had a Japanese friend in college who showed me her swimsuit outfit (don't ask 😉) and imo she was skinny but she said she wanted to lose weight and I was surprised cuz she didn't need to she was perfectly fine but she was so embarrassed about it. So when Japanese girl say chubby I really don't think they mean our meaning of chubby they don't want a thigh gap they want a grand canyon. Also I prefer chubby I like to grab on something personally 😂

  8. Its sounds like a cultural and a genetic thing but man, oh man, that sounds picky as hell. Maybe cause I'm A Black brotha, we love our thick curvy girls, celebrate it even! Being skinny is being sickly to us.

  9. I can’t handle super skinny girls, they’re unhealthy. Many Japanese and Chinese girls are like that and they look like they have no muscle AT ALL!!! It feels like it’d bruise them by simply touching them!
    But on the other other side of the same coin, I don’t want girls to be chubby by the standards in the States across the pond, which is where I live. I want a girl to, not necessarily be chubby, but I want her to be curvaceous, like yourself, and to also have some muscle on them, like you do.
    And for the last time, YOU’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FAT!!!!! You have seductive curves, that you always hide under poofy dresses, and healthy muscles, so you’re not fragile. 😊

  10. I think the main problem is "Anime" and "Celebs too skinny" which pose as a rolemodel for the mojrity in Japan.
    They have no real connection to reality and it destroys slowly the happines of life. These unrealistic standards cause constant discontent and dissatisfaction with life. The people in Japan and generally around the world should stop taking these "rolemodels" serious or having some at all – and start living again, free from any fears and unrealistic longings.

  11. I can attest to getting a lot of male attention in Tokyo being "chubby". I've been told I was chubby in Japan and for reference, I'm a size M in the USA and have 24DDD boobs. Yet, without fail, I get a lot of comments saying I'm sexy in Japan and a lot of male attention on online dating sites. Whereas in Korea I wasn't as popular. Go figure.

  12. 🌸The first thing i tought ,.🌸
    I like girls whit a bit of meat on there bones
    Japanees girls are way “ too” skinny
    Not That is a problem for me 🌸
    But when you make love. Humm
    Here eet Some chocoletoo,. Its good for you ! 👅

  13. Chubby.
    If it was little bit skinnier than normal, then that but chubby vs super skinny I vote for chubby. I personally prefer normal but if had to choose from these then yeah 🤣

  14. Cathy I truly love you and all that you do but for real this is the most pointless question you could ask, you ( and anyone who even knows a smidgen about Japanese culture ) already know what the vast majority of people will say to this question.

    I guess it's informative to people who have no idea what their beauty standards are there, but I would say most people who watch this channel already have at least a moderate interest in Japanese and therefore foreknowledge about common known information like this.

    I guess I could be wrong and if anyone reads this and didn't know ,please don't in any way consider this as me insulting your intelligence.

  15. Fuck ALL that noise. Eat that fucking food and don't gorge yourself. Don't spend your whole damn day snacking like you're not about to eat a meal later and live in them curves. Skinny girls tend to leave the body bruised, girls with some meat can at least enjoy everything without bruising themselves or anyone else.

  16. I’m curious, what would Japanese think of someone like me? 5’5”, 93lbs and I don’t diet. I’m active and eat what I want… was this video on the topic of those who diet, or natural size?

  17. My preference in girls basically boils down to "BMI between 19 and 35", which is what a westerner would call everything from "slender" to "obese" (but not very obese, nor skinny), however if there is someone I live with I tend to tune them (I do all the cooking) to a BMI of about 21-23 (higher end if they are active in sports, lower end if they are more sedentary).
    Basically I don't want to feel ribs, I don't want them to get heart-diseases or diabetes, and my long term preference is "firm" (but I don't mind overweight nor obese)

    (And while I'm currently overweight (BMI: 27.5) I do tend to keep myself in the 19-25 range, with a strong preference for 22+-1)

  18. Can you do a video about going to the dental clinic and getting your teeth whitened?
    Ima sa kawai demo ato tabun motto motto degi kawai

  19. That anime "How heavy are the dumbells you lift?" The main character is 122lbs or 55kg at 160cm or 5ft 2in. if that's fat, then what the heck is a person at 200lbs or 90kg at the same height?

  20. The whole super skinny thing is a bit extreme to be fair. Nothing is wrong with being skinny or chubby or whatever your body type is but making yourself unhealthy by starving yourself or overeating till you can't physically do simple activities is really not good for anyone. The only thing that confused me was the Anime Characters part saying they are super skinny. From most anime I've watched the most popular Waifu's/Husbando's I've seen most people talk about are Curvy Girls/Fit Men. I know there's a mixture since there's so many characters but I mean look at Tooru (My fav, Love her personality) and Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Very popular characters and none of them super skinny, even Kanna who is cute and adorable isn't skinny. Rem from Re:Zero Curvy, Sebastian from Black Butler = Fit Guy, Meliodas and Ban from Seven Deadly Sins. One is tall and the other small but none of them super skinny but muscular/fit. Plus I noticed that in a lot of Anime now there are showing characters for Example Onedera from Nisekoi, who think they are fat and starves themselves and skips breakfast and lunch and the guy goes up to her and tell her he is worried she isn't eating enough and could put on a few pounds. It's nice to see that people do notice it and are trying to address it in some way. Right…… enough of my rant. Just Be You and remember We Are All Perfect in our own Imperfect Ways.Once we all have Trust, Believe and Confidence in ourselves We Can Achieve Anything (cheesy……yes, True 100%) and always remember to Enjoy Life, Have Fun and Always Smile that's all that Matters and that's all that truly Counts.

  21. I am 5'4 and a size 4 (USA sizes, that is an 8 in the UK i believe) and i have an hourglass body shape. would i be fat in japan?

  22. Lol how many times are y’all gonna recycle the same/similar question… lately it feels like the interview questions are about seeing people’s reactions to the question rather than getting to learn general opinions on topics

  23. In traditional definitions, nouns have a gender, and people have a sex. We already know that Japanese prefer very slender people, as CC has asked them many times about ideal weights and heights.

  24. If your bones are not showing it means you're fat and need to lose weight. If you're curvy it means you are overweight

  25. A like a chubby Girls, someone to squeeze💖💗, there is Nothing bad to had a little of belly o tasty thicc tights 😍😻

  26. I think every type of body is ok. The only problem is people judging, the way that other people see you but if everybody is kind and like every type then a lot of people wil be happy and won't ever think about how their body look 🙂

  27. ⚠️CAUTION⚠️
    The word "ぽっちゃり(chubby)" Japanese people thinking is normal or skinnier body by western standard

  28. Athletic, almost no japanese girls are athletic skinny or fat. I would rather have slightly chubby that bone skinny. If there was some disaster the skinny girl would perish. thin and shapely is good but actually I prefer athletic. Go for a walk, gym, swimming. But sadly not many girls in Japan exercise. 25 is the magic age to start exercising.

  29. Hi Cathy cat . A question i would like to see asked is about music..Babymetal has been popular for a few years outside of japan but not many Japanese people know them also bands like bandmaid ,broken by the scream, ladybaby ,all Japanese but not know there?

  30. I think I look fat for Japanese people but I am not quite sure if I am chubby or "normal-average" weight for a foreigner from the Japanese perspective 🙁

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