Christ Fellowship Church in Florida | Life Without Limbs

Christ Fellowship Church in Florida | Life Without Limbs

Hey guys, if you live anywhere near the West
Palm Beach area in Southern Florida or you know someone who lives there make
sure that they come to one of the either the 4th of March, which is a Friday night,
a youth service which is going to be off the charts but also Saturday and Sunday
for the weekend services. I think seven times I’ll be speaking with us over this Saturday
and Sunday at Christ Fellowship the 5th and 6th of March. But you can’t come unless
you bring an unsaved person with you so that they can hear about the hope and
love of Jesus. Check out the website for more details and we hope to see you

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  1. So glad I heard you talk to us today! You're a true inspiration to others and a big inspiration to me. Hope you get better since they couldn't let you fly down here but just hearing your story is makes me very greatful. Thank you and keep it up!! I told friends about your story and told them to watch your videos as well 🙂

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