Chris Wallace: Taylor’s testimony ‘very damaging’ to Trump

Chris Wallace: Taylor’s testimony ‘very damaging’ to Trump

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  1. Lots of people are in prison because of what other people said + corroborating evidence. Example: persons A,B, and C said you did it. Plus we found the texts you sent about it

  2. Chrissy Poo, you need to move over to CNN. Taylor is giving information that judge Judy wouldn't even listen to! He's getting President Trump Votes !

  3. I used to respect Chris Wallace as brilliant journalist but I lost respect now. He is part of the Deep State if not patrician hack. He knows fully well that his comments are nonsense. I think he knows what is 2nd, 3rd or 4th sources? Does anyone notice that he is soft when he interviews Dems but very persuaive with GOPs?

  4. I didnt get that impression! They seemed to be confused with their answers and their lack of facts was astounding, and third hand hearsay and rumours are inadmissable in court.

  5. What r u talking about lol. Are you getting paid off now Chris Wallace? This whole hearing was a joke and did nothing but prove trump is right. They admitted Ukraine knew NOTHING about money being withheld and EVERYTHING was hearsay lol. Democrats even said hearsay can be better than actual evidence lol

  6. Glad Wallace got to watch the rest of this. He found out that Taylor admitted that the Ukraine had NOT discussed investigating Biden. FAIL Wallace.

  7. Chris Wallace is a delusional leftist like his daddy. Same old stupid biased opinion by a minion. Cannot watch him or hear his voice…nothingness that is all the democrats have. How can you impeach on “he told me that someone told him” hearsay and Taylor never met the President how is that damming to the President?? Farce is all it is, grow up Chris.

  8. Chris is part of the MSM DEEP STATE HACK . I don't see how anyone could come the conclusion that this testimony could be damaging to Trump . Guess Chris is listening to his DS bosses in his ear piece.

  9. Chris Wallace obviously did not watch one second of the hearing. Or he's delusional,.. likely both. But one thing everyone awake agrees on – he's a total moron, nobody's buying his crap.

  10. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch. It is there for the ratings and money. Once Bone Spurs loses more support, it will dump the lying conman. That's for sure.

  11. Come on Chris…How is Taylors testimony damaging…it was all heresay, and wasnt it very telling how Taylor new nothing about what was going on with Ukranie when Obama and Biden was in office and their mishandlings… So that in itself shows his hypocrisy. Another deep state bureaucrat..

  12. You’re a great reporter Chris, it’s sad to see you compromise your integrity in favor of your personal feelings. It will forever stain your stories and trust with the people.

  13. what an absurd statement by wallace. foreign aid is constantly conditioned on the political objectives of the giver. why the hell do you think mexico and central american countries are being much more cooperative on stemming the illegal immigrant flow? don't we have biden on the record at cfr bragging about a billion in loans held up based on a certain prosecutor being fired?

  14. Chris Wallace what kind of wishful thinking is your headline? I watched Taylor stumble and give total hearsay. He had no direct knowledge of anything and repeated what he heard from other. You are pushing garbage! All he had was second and third hand opinion!

  15. Chris the stooge Wallace has a bad case of TDS. William Taylor's testimony was destroyed by the Republican council. No one cares about your opinion Mr. Wallace.

  16. Wallace has a voice like Edward R. Murrow. Well, that's it. He must be telling the truth. What the hell has happened to Chris Wallace?

  17. “I think that William Taylor was a very impressive witness and very damaging to the president.” – Fox News Host, Chris Wallace

  18. Were we watching the same event? Your examples actually illustrate why their testimony was useless… they have to refer to other people, who may or may not have heard information from someone else, who may or may not have heard it from someone else. I hope you have a good contract with Fox, because if that’s your analysis, you will need one to keep your job!

  19. I am not sure why Chris Wallace thinks Taylor's testimony was damaging? Taylor never talked to the president, so he has no reference point to be a witness to the intentions or thoughts of President Trump. By his own testimony he never personally was ordered or directed in his conversations with president of the Ukraine to state that military aid was being blocked until they started an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. In a court of law everything he said would have thrown out on objection for being hearsay. He doesn't have any direct eye witness accounts to any of the crimes that Adam Schiff claims the president committed. He only has his own political opinion which is no more sound then any other Citizen within the United States.

  20. Taylor had no direct information about anything, Chris. Even the alleged phone call on the 26th. But Sondland is due again next week. So we can get a better readout from him.

  21. I overheard Chris Wallace telling MSNBC and CNN and NYT and WaPo that he’s on their side. That he trusts them more than he does FOX.

  22. Just blows my mind how many of you ate up the republican "Hearsay" narrative, are you all crazy, stop being sheep! None of this is hearsay and all of the witnesses are patriotic and nonpartisan " wake the hell up and stand up for something! Trump is a bad Potus and breaks the law a lot. Deal with it and get on with it and stop defending a thug, you all look really bad and are guilty by association doing that! Find someone within your party who does not break the law all of the time! But Trump has to go and you all know it !!!!!!

  23. he heard from someone who knows someone who thought they got something interesting. It's all hearsay, there is NOTHING here.
    If this were a court room it would all be tossed out.

  24. I can't wIt to see Trump spasm and shriek screaming "I can't recall" just like he made fun of the handicap guy. Time to remove this traitor from the White House!!

  25. at end of video here Wallace says Daniel Goldman asked him "have you ever seen foreign aid conditioned on the political interests of the President, and Taylor said very firmly no I have not"–taylor must have forgotten about Obama and Quid Pro Joe…that's okay as Taylor says he doesn't consider himself a Star Witness….Chris Wallace you forgot the part where Taylor's source for info was an Article in the New York Times….

  26. The one in trouble is joe Biden. Chris Wallace pushing fake news. Where is the whistleblower. Lol. Taylor has no testimony. Ridiculous

  27. "loose lips sink ships". this lesson from military history holds true till present. if what taylor said is true regarding trump's conversation with ambassador sondland, they both need to be re briefed on secret security protocols and sensitive informations. Russia can easily tap unsecured line and use these information to formulate plans in striking down Ukraine. pffft!

  28. Chris you are a liar, what in the world are you talking about. We all do the hearing. You and the media think we are stupid?

  29. the uk used to be my favourite circus….but now it's usa….
    is it something about being an anglo that makes people be that stupid?
    probably not…..canadians are fairly smart…..and australians seem like normal people

  30. Chris you will never fill your father's shoes what a species argument you placed before your kung fu your audience. Ambassador Taylor was a joke he saw nothing he knew nothing he only heard what he heard when he was told to hear it and you're holding him as damaging to the present just shows how many holes you have in your brain.

  31. Well here’s another one for Fox News if they don’t fire Chris Wallace that’s another one I will not be watching? sorry fox

  32. Chris Wallace is an anti-Trumper. But his worst quality is he is bloody boring. I can listen for about 2 mins then he continues to drone on in his shrill little rant

  33. If Chris Wallace thinks that was damaging to Trump he is a bigger CHUMP than I thought he was. He is just another limp-wristed lefty that hated dodge ball and has never been hit in the face!

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