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  1. Who are these people who stand out there where the cameras see them with these signs, when people are leaving or going to a court house? And if there's going to be one person…why not a few people. It's always one questionable looking character..who looks like he's probably homeless.

  2. Wake up Wallace! Trump head fake again! He's turning it all over to Barr to avoid any connection to influence! Avoiding any impeachment charges or risking failed indictments and sentences!

  3. I think that the only thing that Wallace seems to have going for him is that he doesn't seem to think that everyone that supports Trump is dangerous…unlike his party-mates over at the other networks.

  4. Both Barr & Trump know if Roger Stone isn't given a greatly reduced prison sentence or pardon, Stone, a close friend & adviser, will tell all about Trump corruption

  5. My God I wish this slimmy nerdy unlikable globalist defender would go to CNN where he belongs. NOBODY LIKES YOU MR. SCUMBAG WALLACE. GO AWAY!

  6. This is so stupid…there is no push back this is staged! Staged to try and make it look like Barr isn’t just trumps lackey. But he is…he is just a criminal using another criminal to do criminal stuff. Nothing to see here folks. Barr will say one thing but eventually just do whatever Trump wants…there was no “fire back”. This is subterfuge…Roger Stone is a felon that deserves prison he threatened witnesses with physical harm if they testified and lied to Congress among multiple other felonies. Trump can not be allowed to abuse power like this.

  7. I saw Roger Stone in a fist fight at the sand villa Waikiki back in 1996. I have a lot of respect for him. He didn’t back down. It got broken up by security at the main bar before we got a result.

  8. I still don't understand why, under Trump, everyone says DOJ is "independent" yet during Obama's administration DOJ was run by a SELF-DESCRIBED "wingman" (Holder), JFK appointed his brother as his AG.
    WHY do Democrats get "wingmen" and Trump gets an independent DOJ?
    Another double standard? I think so.

  9. The criticism against Wallace is ridiculous. You can be a republican and still be opening to questioning some of the actions of this administration. It is deeply damaging to only have one sided journalism.

  10. Mr Wallace: you say you would not want to help Kellyanne, would speaking the truth help her? So you don't want to speak the truth.

  11. Only idiots believe fox propaganda. The blind leading the blind. Backing Orange Man is like saying the uncle that diddles the kids at the family reunion is ok. Oh thats right they do.

  12. I wish Faux News woild brushback Wallace. His Never Trumper attitude is unbearable. Another clear case of Nepotism with him having a job. The tribe do take care of its own.

  13. Fox News. Hopefully trump is watching . He says that the Dems. R lazy & only work on getting rid of the trumpster gang. Barr Admitted that there are approx. 300+ bills sitting on his desk that he isn’t goin 2 do anything about BECAUSE there from the blue side! That sounds like they (DEMS) have been working. They can chew gum & walk @ the same time. What is red doing? I know it’s hard work, to keep ur lies straight. That’s got to take everything out of you by the end of the day!

  14. In response to Roger Stone getting 7 to 9 years, Trump just said "you have murderers and drug addicts getting 9 years"? Did you catch it? Since when is being a drug addict a crime? Selling drugs is a crime but being addicted is an illness not a crime. This man is delusional and clueless to real peoples struggles. He just equated an illness to a crime. So if that's the case, how much time in prison does he think Rush Limbaugh should get for his history of being a raging drug addict? Yet he just gave him a high honor. Maybe he should pull the award and turn him in. Just like he said TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury) is no big deal. Uuummmm, the brain controls the entire body and if its injuried then it is not functioning properly or at all. So it can actually be more detrimental than an injury to a limb that you can see. TBI is very serious and can result in profound impairments to eat/swallow, move the body, breath, think, sit up on your own, understand and perceive what you see feel or hear, speak, walk and on and on. Every medical professional and family member of a TBI survivor or victim should have been outraged.

  15. Can you, would you, consider humoring a old man into lending your ear to for a few moments?
    What if it turns out that trump SOMEHOW had this EXTREMELY resistant strain of the flu created to dampen production of Chinese goods? Therefore reopen special mineral mines in America that was shut down during W's administration BECAUSE of W (Bush). Therefore enabling China to take GLOBAL control of THAT particular market which ONLY affects the owners of giant global conglomerate corporations based in the U.S., (same ones he's kissing up to by giving total tax relief), putting our country under so MUCH financial strain that healthcare insurance providers, social security, & educational funding would have to be totally cut to make up the difference. Therefore providing MASSIVE gains to insurance companies, private schools & STEALING more taxes from the poor by forcing them to continue to pay into social security all the while, doing what I just said.
    WHAT IF EVERYTHING I'm telling you was MORE than just a conspiracy & the plan that the U.S.S.R. made up during the height of the cold war (1950's), to play the long game in the destruction of America. Now that Vladimir Putin, the head of the most secretive part of Soviet Russian government, is running the country & Donald Trump is his puppet. Vladimir Putin did not help Donald Trump get into the Oval Office, Donald Trump helped Vladimir Putin successfully begin the take over the United States. I don't know if anyone realizes that Donald Trump doesn't actually have nowhere near as much cash as he would like people to think and is not worth as much as he would like people to think. ALL of the properties that Donald Trump claims to own does not belong to Donald Trump but instead belongs to the bank of what she took loans out with to buy those properties. And Vladimir Putin owns the bank. Remember the Deutch Bank situation earlier this year? Research into the 230 billion dollar money laundering operation happening out of THAT bank. It was a big story on 60 Minutes around fall of last year.

  16. Also good ole Bill Barr let McCabe off the hook with no charges. The guy committed actual crimes,and he gets to walk! The swamp is deep!

  17. barr not ever in contact with trump,shure,shure.What a bunch of bull!,!!!!This is a cover up to cover the coverup!!!!!NO WITNESSES!!!!!GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!!!!

  18. Wallace is a DS shill. Someone as "politically savvy" as he wants us to think he is should see the parallels between this Trump-Barr dust-up and what happened a while ago between Trump and Jeff Sessions, where it appeared ol' Jeff couldn't catch a positive job performance break in POTUS's tweets. According to Q and Serial Brain 2, this was all theater, designed to trap the media into taking sides against Trump as they championed Sessions' defiance. It was so successful, insightful political geniuses like Rob "Meathead" Reiner and the washed-up comedienne Kathy Griffin actually tweeted support for Sessions. Once the trap was sprung and they began praising Sessions for his spirited "Daniel-like" defiance of the power-hungry Orange Man "Goliath", the media could not now suddenly flip-flop and attack their newly-crowned favorite government employee hero and retain their credibility. This is what's developing now between Trump and Barr. But this time, ABC News, sensing blood in the water because they were triggered by Trump's well-planned tweets, swallowed the lure whole and rushed to do what it could to interview Barr, inadvertently helping him broadcast his message that he would not be intimidated, something that has been obvious from Day One, but which has been called into question by Chuckie, Nancy, and the media in their attempts to neuter him. Q has said many times, "These people are stupid." If you believe that FOX News is anything but the thinly veiled controlled opposition, that characterization applies to you as well. Q has also asked on numerous occasions, "What makes a great movie? Great actors." It's time to wake up, folks. BTW, Q sent me. We are the news now. WWG1WGA.

  19. Chris Wallace – you sound more Liberal than Fredo Cuomo…join him and Don Lemon at CNN where you belong…oh but wait …Fox is just CNN "light" and as corrupt as the rest of the MSM. Take a stand or F*ck off Fox Fake news

  20. Trump and Barr did some reality TV! Proof, have you ever seen ANYONE talk against Trump publicly and Trump say "I still support him". NO you haven't. It was a set up!

  21. this idiot is the WORST correspondent working for, and receiving a check from Newscorp. he REQUIRES replacement, or simple elimination. other fans of Fox News are saying they are following suit, and drifting WAY left. ONE AMERICA NEWS is a pleasant alternative. the five's juan williams is a larf, i kinda like listening to the nonsense he comes up with, usefully encapsulates the garbage that comes out of the mouths of NBC, CNN, mslsd, WAPO ..FAKE NEWS. there is no need for copycat talking points on Fox, during shows like "outnumbered," and "chris wallace" if we wanna hear communist propaganda, we can tune into "meet the press," with chump turd. FIRE chris wallace!!

  22. Chris Wallace: a less biased individual than anyone on CNN, asks tough questions to those on the political left and right.
    I don't think he's some Democrat stooge or something, because he wouldn't be the host of his show on Fox if he were, he'd be like Juan Williams on 'The Five,' a devil's advocate/token opposition voice. I could be wrong, though…

  23. I first thought your dad would be turning over in his grave. You’ve changed my mind…he’s spinning. What a disappointment you are to his memory.

  24. I've noticed the people who hate Trump all have one thing in common they all look and act like Marty Mcflies in Back to the Future , the nerdy version of course. I can see Biff knocking on Chris's head saying HELLO? THINK CHRIS

  25. People need to stop donating money to these politician's who make millions and live in mansions. It is unethical to take money from poor and middle class people. Please do not take money from college kids too. This kind of fundraising is criminal.

  26. William bar works for the president the commander-in-chief time to get rid of Bill bar after this next election and Chris wray needs to go now if bar was there to help set things right he would've prosecuted McKay and also filed pending charges against Comedy and Killarney Clinton for obstruction of justice and Brenner he would've drop the Flynn case and also the stone case just get a feeling that AG bar is definitely part of the deep state

  27. If the press would just let Bill Barr do his job … this would get resolved more quickly. ATTENTION : President Trump is the head law enforcement officer in the country. FBI and DOJ work at his pleasure. President Trump can also a quite Stone at any time. , ITS HIS RIGHT.

  28. Did Chris Walla Walla read that off Teleprompter? Or was it in the New York Post ….p.s. Everybody knows you are little Commie and your Hillary love was a Saggy busted broken balloon. How's that for a brush up you Balloon head !!!

  29. Chris Wallace I don’t blame trump for speaking out, because look what the democrats are doing Adam shift lies Hillary Clinton, and Stone lies he gets 7 to 9 years, wth how is that fair they spied on trumps campaign

  30. Why is Chris Wallace still on Fox?

    Chris Wallace should have some honour and join whichever Democrat propaganda arm will take him… CNN, MSNBC, ABC. Anywhere else, Chris, not here please.

  31. Why don't you go ask these prosecutors that quit over that what are they trying to hide AG Barr needs to investigate theseand the lawn needs to be changed where these prosecutors can be held accountable to

  32. Chris, it's time to go laydown. You are insignificant. Your work is nothing. Thank you for putting the Donald back into the White House again, tho. 😘🙏💜✌

  33. There are no growing tensions between those two, this was theater. This was Trump and Barr setting up plausible deniability after the fact, so they can claim that Trump had no influence in the events took place. This is them setting up the "purely coincidence" defense.

  34. To Chris Wallace.
    address mr trump as the president…do not what's your problem ..if so find a seat somewhere else.
    Very disrespectful.

  35. What is everyone again wining about?!
    President Trump does / says something completely well founded and all media go crazy again!
    Let them Demonrats explain why the FBI went fully armed to the house of Mr Roger Stone?!
    He’s an old man (like Joe Biden)… why didn’t they leave him alone?!
    That’s what those Demonrats are always crying about when some Republican says something about corrupt handsy grabby sleepy (1%) Joe or his son.

    The double standards have to stop!!!

  36. Seems to me BillBarr contradicts himself. First he says he won’t be bullied or intimidated. Then he says Mr. Trumps comments my it impossible to do his job. Which is it?

  37. Ok so AG holder describes himself as Obama’s wingman but all the fake,anti trump, resistance news doesn’t want you to know what Trump is thinking.

  38. Trump sux Obama created more jobs …obama was given the worst national debt and unemployment and he turned it around to the biggest boom that this jackasss dump trying to take credit for.. If you people didn't hate democrats so much you could see that

  39. Wallace actually hates President Trump and his very biased news casting reflects that 99 percent of the time. I don't like Chris Wallace (closet democrat).

  40. Who cares? If the judge is any good , justice will be served . If the judge is vindictive like most democrats then the sentence will be harsh and Trump will pardon the guy. Trump is the master of troll.

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