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  1. "Never be so sure of what you want that you wouldn’t take something better”. So good! Just got his book on audible (wish Chris Voss would have narrated, though). Looking forward to digging through your content, Chris. #acwt

  2. This Brian guy is unwatchable. Chris is such a cool guy with great stories but I can barely get through the first 15 minutes.

  3. I can see how this would work for a simpleton terrorist but an educated intelligent well versed sales combatant, you'd be well fucked.

  4. Brian showed his left wing feelings. Trump is not an erratic person at all. He's a cold calculating businessman. The left absolutely refuses to see this clearly.

  5. He should talk to Justin trudeau. He is holding a whole country hostage and demanding radical, and sweeping policy change, while aiding and abetting terrorists

  6. I'd ask that London Real interview Mr. Voss again in July of 2019. At that time I'd like you to review his opinion of Mr. Trump as a negotiator. As a former FBI negotiator that dealt extensively with organized crime figures, I would think that Mr. Voss is being disingenuous in this interview. Very disappointing. As of August 26, 2019, I'm sure you are aware of the unpleasant situation in the White House, and the number of former FBI employees that describe Trump as a mafiosi kingpin, and a pathological liar. I'm very surprised that Mr. Voss diid not anticipate the situation, as he is clearly an experienced expert. Mr. Trump shows many symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Mr. Voss should know this. I'll take his advice as suspect.

  7. The interviewer needs to work on his interviewing skills. He spends so much time asking multiple questions in a row – he doesn’t give Chris a chance to answer any of them. Looks like he is so busy proving his knowledge he doesn’t let the expert paint the picture.

  8. Def worth noting the interview style between this guy and Sam Harris. While Chris does tell Harris repeatedly, "good question' and I believe Voss was correct every time, here he let's the interviewer interrupt and ego-out (IMHO) by letting his emotions excite him in either pre-figuring-out what Chris will say or running to affirm Chris (things like yes, right, I see etc) and notice how Chris allows him to take the credit. In my listening, it seems to be very different with Sam Harris who let's Voss fully expound and then if he has a question of relation/clarification etc, Sam is able to hold it until then. Granted, the ability to listen to someone fully while remembering the question you'd want to reference when they are done is very hard to do…for me anyway. Ultimately both great interviews and unfortunate that those who tune out when hearing the word Trump are thus being perfectly controlled by that response.

  9. The thing I love about the skills this guy is teaching is that they have been field tested in the best possible conditions. They work.

  10. Chris Voss why did you choose to participate in London Real? This is a cheap show for passing the time, with ridiculous people (mostly) that 'sell snakes'. You are a serious person. It is not the appropriate place for you to be.

  11. Absolute perfection! What an interview. Learned so much from this all I have to say is: thank you both. Wonderful insights & just pristine.

  12. At 33:30 Brian asked him ..isn't negotiation really like therapy? and Chris's reaction was to laugh. Like he hit the nail on the head in a way.

  13. The interviewer needs to STFU when guests are talking. We’re not here to listen to you repeating things just to get the guest to say Yes to you to make you feel good.

  14. So it turns out that Voss was so wrong about foreign policy and Trump's negotiating ability, but yet he still provides so much valuable insight!

  15. Dude it could be so much better if you don't interrupt and bombard Chris with questions and your ideas. Have a simple effective, structured question then stay quiet and listen. I get it if you excited but it is very anoying when trying to listen to Chris giving his answer. You may not be aware that your doing it but I did notice it. Apart from that and the long intro great job getting Chris in.

  16. And then came a two month government shutdown and negotiation FAILURE….Seems like Mr. London Real is a Trump enthusiast…And I will be back in 2020 to see these "predictions" go to shit

  17. Trump is not a good negotiator. North Korea and the US have not formalized or taken action on any nuclear deal. It was a PR stunt — something Trump is good at. More evidence Trump can't negotiate to save his life: the 2018/2019 government shutdown over a border wall. Trump was forced to cave and no wall. You give Trump too much credit. His biggest achievement was being born to a wealthy father who gave him over $300 million. Since then he's managed to run four businesses into bankruptcy … develop a deadbeat reputation so bad that no US bank would lend money to him … and turned to Russian oligarchs to bail him out.

  18. I'm supposed to take this video seriously, when the narrator starts off claiming that human salvation "lies within each of us", an utterly naive and pathetic approach indicating a complete lack of understanding human nature. And he's going to be leading the interview for us to learn how to negotiate? And then at 2:50 suddenly there's some idiot who talks like a 14-year-old punk, spewing curse words left and right as if that makes him manly? What if I was watching this with my kids nearby? Show some respect to your viewers.

  19. I'm in sales and for the past week I've focused on asking questions where "no" is the answer I want. No is they're buying sign! Holy cow this is the biggest breakthrough in my career, it's so simple!!! If your a salesman what is your product, for fun I want to respond with a rephrase of your trial close.

  20. This interview will not age well. Trump got a hand full of magic beans for his N Korea negotiations. Intelligence Chiefs just contradicted Trump and said N Korea will never give up their nukes. Negotiation Journal just dedicated the entire quarterly magazine to reviewing his negotiation style and it is not good.

  21. There was a little hostility from Brian Rose toward Chris periodically, and I could see it did trigger Chris slightly, there were very nuanced back and forth competitive jabs. I read people myself, as a political leader and businessman. Were you testing his negotiation skills Brian? 😉

    EDIT: After watching part II on your website, I see you were rushed, and very eager to end the interview, and Chris could also see that. Bad form, but everyone makes mistakes.

    Very good episode. I'm glad you interviewed Chris Voss. I was already a subscriber of yours, but found my way back after watching lectures by Chris. Wonderful. Thanks for another great upload.

  22. Nothing against the lessons here, but Trump failed with North Korea – North Korea is not reducing nukes, if anything they are increasing. And the U.S. gave up military readiness exercises at the border, without reducing the nuclear threat. Trump may have thought North K gave up something, but in reality they didn't, they just used word tricks to make it look that way.

  23. Great interview, however, the interviewer is rushing because he's so excited to ask the next question when I think Voss has more to offer, but he's being cut off.

  24. This fake intro gave me cancer.. Bro stop trying to hollywood the shit out of your character, you're not a hero, you're just some guy with a microphone.

  25. Why do you pose several questions, and often try to answer for the guest? A little of that is ok but you take it to the extreme.

  26. The Kardashitians, Smollett, R Kelly, Beiber, Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Fallon, CNN/Fox News/MSNBC, Donald Trump TV Twitter President, mass ignorance, Ocasio-Cortez, mass homelessness, herorine epidemic, entire generations doing nothing but playing video games, disappearing middle class, rise of socialism, the Age of Misinformation… and you say the media hasn't corrupted us? Disagree on that one.

  27. There's no problem with the intro and the interviewer. If you want quick stuff, you should go watch "Bug's War". The interviewer actually did pretty good questions that wouldn't come up to the table as Voss's statements.

  28. It would be better just to see a video without all the cheesy London Real sales push. It's so tacky and sleazy and makes me not want to watch the content.

  29. Trump and Kim Jing Un was STAGED. That's why it stated and ended the way it did. Trump is closely allied and friends with Denis Rodman and Denis Rodman is best of buddies with Kim.

  30. All the comments about Chris' assessment of Trump turning out wrong and "not aging well" are hilarious. What did all of you foreign policy experts expect to happen after the first meetings EVER with a US President? That Kim Jong Un would just bend over and dismantle his nuke program no questions asked? Dissolve the last remaining Stalinist police state and hold free elections? This is a regime that recently MURDERED Kim's brother in an airport for gods sake. Do any of you think that maybe Kim is in fear of his own life if he shows anything that could be perceived as weakness? What Voss is correct about is that getting Kim to the table…twice now….was a negotiating victory in itself. This is gonna be a long process but im glad its begun.

  31. The interview style here is the opposite to Chris, coming in with questions to ask not answers to listen to.
    Sales masterclasses cover this far too often as it’s a negative trait embedded in us all.

  32. Might have been great without all the plugging – and if homeboy could SHUT UP for two seconds and let Mr. Voss actually say something…

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