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  1. I completely agree, I’m from Canada and I applaud what president Trump is doing, I support every single thing is been doing. May God bless us all. Have a great day everyone

  2. The reason this has gone on for over 20 years is because here in America wages have not risen with the rate of inflation and American consumers need cheap goods.

  3. Oh please morons. Keep dreaming. American "conservatives" are literally the only old style European protestant bourgeois class that hasn't died out but should have died out by the end of WW2. Fox News is really a cum dump that's drying itself each day.

  4. Lou Dobbs means well but he interrupts his guests and he espouse his personal opinion like he is some kind of prophet . He needs to relax and let some one else speak !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thousands of reports the last 10 years, even when China was flourishing. The only country that has more "the end is coming and ready to collapse" is the USA.

    China is on the brink of collapse -9 months ago

    Is China's Economy On The Verge Of Collapse? -3 years ago

    The Next Economic Disaster 2015: China's Economy Is Headed For Collapse -4 years ago

  6. What did China steal from the US? Don't just say BILLIONS, WHAT ARE THEY? Can you not just to parrot the propaganda?

  7. Too bad Lou is so timid in his opinions and responses concerning China.  He really needs to say what he means.

  8. Americans Consumers are paying for tariffs not Chinese !!!!!!
    America farmers are hurt too llols 😂 I
    China will never give up and they are not easy to bully 😂 😂 😂

  9. China's companies *systematically* steals from stronger companies (American included) & abuses weaker companies (smaller, less powerful, countries than themselves) I have done business w them for decades and have seen it first hand

  10. Why USA allows China to operate many many Chinese companies in many countries like MEXICO, Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, Africa continent, Philippines, Australia,Canada etc. Etc. And export made in these countries products but all owned by CHINESE companies???????? And ZERO tariffs for CHINESE companies???how stupid is USA or friendly??? No one single product from CHINESE companies should be allowed to USA, ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist Xi Jinping and 100%OF of the whole killers of freedom and independence and respect.

  11. meetings seem to be going well. i like ivanka but why was she sitting at the main table as rhe PRES was talking to Xi ?

  12. China doesn't owe us anything at all. Slick Willie gave them our entire consumer product manufacturing economy for nothing in 1993, since then, every president has let them get away with more and more cheating and done nothing about it. It's not China's fault that we elect stupid people. Now, my man Donald J is doing something about it and they don't know what to do about him. Honest work isn't what they know.

  13. Pride comes before destruction. The Chinese are too proud at our expense. Time to starve again and communist leadership remember we made them rich but we can still turn the tap off.

  14. I guess President would feel great to see that China economy is in trouble. He probably has a great relax feeling of night sleep tonight.

  15. These Fox people are very dishonest! The US have been exploiting China, and other nations, as a 'sweatshop', and now these crooks of Americans are vilifying China!

  16. Once again these skunk talkers know just one language – "CHINA stole from US" – but they never mentioned US business in China was making big big money!! "Stolen this and stolen that" are easy argument – technology transfer for business purposes is considered "stolen property" – baby talk?? This has been that usual accusation by that mad dog US president. This crooked mindedness is frustration seeing one's country losing global status and suffering certain degree of hate and jealousy – one bitter pill too hard to swallow.

  17. All other independent news state different all over the globe. Fox news is lying to make things seem good to avoid panic. Smh for anyone who believes this nonsense. This is exactly what everyone is talking about. They keep the narrative very much far from the truth to the few who will accept them as a credible news source.

  18. If they fail chucky and Nancy will make room for every single one of them. Because they do the same thing and see nothing wrong with it.

  19. The Trump administration states Huawei is a national security risk!……OK
    The Trump administration bans Huawei from Americans mobile phone system…OK
    The Trump administration bans the sale of American tech to China…OK, One follows the other, I'm with you all the way!
    Now Trump lifts the ban on sales of American tech to Huewai? Now that's where you lost me…
    Huawei is a National security treat, and now you are supplying them with the resources they need… Go figure that one?
    It's a bit like giving a thug a weapon to rob you….and of course, it's not as if they don't have history here…
    Someone is been played here…let's just hope it's not the American people…

  20. china stole from us for years, and we borrowed from them and they slowly was killing us from within. And our government allowed this and even got rich off of it. Glad Trump is standing up to them. Trump stay in the fight. Bring America to a point we don't owe everyone. 🙂

  21. No one talks about the ghost cities in China to artificially inflate their real estate market and .90 cents per hour minimum wage. THEY ARE COMMUNIST. Why are we doing business with them? What was the embargo on Cuba all about?

  22. Big thanks to Donald Trump. He made Ipad $100 cheaper, Macbook $200 cheaper in China. Gonna fly back to upgrade my electronics this winter.

  23. If all trade ends with China, the economy will collapse.
    US companies will lose their suppliers and US farmers will lose their customers.

  24. Leave the tarrifs on for ever and cut them out of our market all togerher for EVER. we have NEVER needed China and we will not start now. Let them starve

  25. It will get worst north and South America will build factories and make their own products. Stop overseas trade. Cargo ships burn diesel.

  26. Amid all Trump's trade war
    China is commissioning newly completed Tallest, longest, bridges
    Fastest Train, Largest Airports, Sea Ports, Highways etc etc etc
    Investing Billions and Billions in projects around the world
    News of accomplishments by the days, weeks

    Not to mention all the other lesser or mediocre projects by their standards
    Which countries around the world who followed their progress have their jaws dropped

    And US is still playing the China is going bankrupt rhetorics

    WAKE-UP AMERICANS google it

  27. I. Thought. China. Was. Crying. For. Us. To. Pay. Them. Back. Silver. We. Borrowed. From. Them. In 2002??? Right or. Wrong. When. We. Told. Them. We. Don't. Have. Enough. To. Pay. Em. Back??

  28. China. Has. Been. Storing. Up. Gold. Is what. I've. Heard.!!! Right. Or. Wrong? In. Fact. Doesn't. China. Have. Miore. Gold. Than. Any. Country?

  29. FOX: China BAD, usa GOOD, then massive shooting happens in Detroit, Ohio…..
    FOX: China BAD, usa GOOD, then massive drug deaths in Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Detroit…..
    FOX:China BAD, usa GOOD, then massive homelessness in Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Detroit…..
    FOX: China BAD, usa GOOD, then massive child abuses in the Catholic church in New York, Boston, California, Texas……….

    FOX: China GOOD, usa GOOD, Trump was scolded by Xi and Putin at the G20.

  30. More inflammatory allegations thrown out as fact based on nothing more than a good ol' boy midwestern accent and the extinguished illusion of the most freedom loving nation on earth. Mr Dobbs has a well-paying job that prevents him from asking restitution from his own government for the trillions that have been squandered on military aggression, black operations and a dysfunctional government. The Chinese have given America hard goods for pieces of paper that will soon be of questionable value. Americans should count their blessings!

  31. America is in decline. If China stole something its the idiocy of successive USA administrations not China that it happened.

  32. … if my short memory serve me right, US CEO's outsourced US Companies to China for finnacial gains. From my perspective Chinese did not steal anything but only took adventage from US self destructing politics..

  33. USA need to stop buying from China. If USA cut their consumption by 50% , China would tank. It is a zero sum game in the short term. If common American don't stop buying, trump tariff won't help.

  34. I guess we're going to find out if the Chinese dictators are concerned with total control, or building a great nation for the Chinese people.

  35. News flash! Big news flash! Countries with horrible economies can go on for years. Have you ever heard of Cuba? North Korea? Half of the African continent? What about Venezuela? But yet I keep clicking on these non story stories. I need to see a shrink.

  36. The only trouble is the future of EEUU and the dollar, why you do not talk about it? Everbody is waiting for a black future

  37. Housing is providing another in a line of troubling signs pointing to an economic downturn. Declining home sales are “consistent with the possibility of a late 2019 or early 2020 recession,” St. Louis Fed economist William Emmons said in a report. The analysis overlays home sales over 12- and 36-month periods to look at trends that have held up during the previous three recessions. Emmons said a recession, if it hits, would be “much less severe” than during the Great Recession that exploded in 2008. “Data on single-family home sales through May 2019 confirm that housing markets in all regions of the country are weakening,” the St. Louis Fed’s William R. Emmons said in a report posted on the central bank district’s site. “The severity of the housing downturn appears comparable across regions—in all cases, it’s much less severe than the experience leading to the Great Recession but similar to the periods before the 1990-91 and 2001 recessions.”

  38. the future of China is with its youth whom are exposed to social media like never seen before will the youth want freedom of speech will they be happy single no kids no house no travel no car just work

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